the real first day of spring

now playing: tori amos, “a sorta fairytale”

i’m here at work, and something is amiss.

today, i elected to spend the day in some fashion other than coming in at noon (not long after having gotten out of bed) and putting PC’s back in their places while the sun shone and a welcome breeze was afloat in the air outside my window. so i blew off coming in at the usual time, and woke with wendy and went to our favorite summer food spot – a glorified ice cream stand just down from antique row in adamstown, pennsylvania that sits on a creek bank where you can eat and watch the ducks float downstream, avoiding the pebbles chucked into the water by the toddlers who make their way down the hill to the creek. after we ate, we drove through adamstown into ephrata and then to new holland and back through to morgantown and then home, listening to an audio copy of josephine tey‘s “a schilling for candles”. (we’d just finished with her first novel, the man in the queue, a couple of weeks ago. i was shocked to find that, upon looking up a link for her, that this book was written in two weeks for a contest. kinda makes nanowrimo seem extravagant in its tolerance, from a time perspective.)

anyway, all this aside, i came in to work to find that, while it was apparent that the carpeters had been here and done their thing, furniture had only been returned to a couple of spots…the drafting department is completely empty, and the HR area has been put back together in a somewhat suspect manner…and, since i came in late, i’m not sure what the hell happened here.

so, methinks i will do what i can and return home to possibly watch some tv and relax a bit before starting the week off with what will no doubt be a bang tomorrow.

some thoughts about this weekends’ shows as well, soon.

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