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testicle (těs’tĭ-kəl), NOUN:
Either of the testes of a male mammal together with the scrotum that contains it.
[Middle English testicule, from Latin testiculus, diminutive of testis, testis; see testis.]

SEE ALSO: george bush ordering a former subordinate not to honor a congressional subpoena to save his own cowardly ass.

balls, indeed.

we should all be so very proud of ourselves.

damage control

in an article posted today on reuters canada, canadian goddess chantal kreviazuk went out of her way to apologize for the tone of her remarks about the songwriting…uh, skills of fellow canadian jailbait masturbatory fantasy fodder chick avril lavigne

“My statements and any inference from my statements, which call into question Avril’s ethics or ability as a respected and acclaimed songwriter, should be disregarded and are retracted. Avril is an accomplished songwriter and it has been my privilege to work with her.”

classy piece of ass that she is, lavigne (spouse of sum41 retard and babydaddy deryck whibley), shot back with:

“Chantal’s comments are damaging to my reputation and a clear defamation of my character and I am considering taking legal action.”


chantal’s comments could never be more damaging to your reputation than, say, your music…if you choose to so call it that. she could wear an “avril sucks” t-shirt for every public appearance for the next twenty years, and it could never do the damage to your perception as an artist that a piece of shit song like “sk8er boi” has already done.

so have your indignant day in the sun, pout if you must. the world, as a whole, knew you sucked before chantal ever opened her mouth…and the responsibility for that goes to you, not her.

only thing i can’t figure out is why she ever agreed to write with you in the first place….