lucky seven



now playing: peter stuart, “bring you back”

well, the day is half over, and it’s been everything i thought it would…although i have to mentally utter a word of thanks to our drafting boys, who completely set themselves up without so much as a word or a phone call….they rock.

turns out i was wrong about the HR setup – it was apparently just as they’d intended for it to be put back in place…while not the way it was, it does make a lot more sense, in hindsight – but it didn’t make it any easier to set up than it would’ve been were it left the old way.

i’ve definitely come to the conclusion, now that this is over, that it was the right thing to do in some instances to wait until the user was at their desk on monday morning before setting up their equipment. some folks simply wanted their equipment returned to its old location…but there were a great many for whom some degree of change had taken place, and i’m just not comfortable making those kinds of decisions for them. they have to sit there every day, all day long, and they deserve some say in how its arranged.

so there.

muriel, in HR, was her usual self…here’s a sample snippet of a conversation:

muriel: that wasn’t there before.
tom (me): where was it then?
muriel: oh, it doesn’t matter where it goes…
tom (me): then why did you bring it up, then?
muriel: oh, no reason…i just wanted you to be aware that it wasn’t there before.

now repeat that conversational snippet, vary the subject line, and you’ll have a pretty good idea of muriels’ charming effect on people.

it occured to me over the weekend that this spring, it will be seven years since our mutual angels came out. seven years. hell, let’s elaborate….seven years, two girlfriends, three jobs, a fiance’, two wives, three apartments and a house ago.

you’d fuckin’ think, out of all that, i’d have something to have written about in the time since.

somehow, the thought of writing a song holds no appeal whatsoever for me right now. increasingly, the thought of playing guitar in a band is losing its appeal, for some reason. i’m hoping that this is a temporary thing, and i have every reason to think it probably is. i think this is the result of backing into a rut that i just can’t seem to shake. i can’t put my finger on whether this is a musical rut or a personal one.

i’m inclined to think the latter.

musically, i think i had expected better things of the band i play in the most by now. we’re coming into april, and six months ago, i thought that this summer would be the best season we’d ever had. i anticipated spending our downtime learning a ton of new songs that would kick ass, songs that no other bands were even contemplating doing – working on vocal harmonies, tightening up in general. instead, our secret weapon has left the band, and we’re doing tired-assed  zz top songs, practicing once in a great while, and making no headway whatsoever on regaining what we lost vocally when we let shawn go. while donnie’s a great guitar player, he seems reluctant to sing, unless it’s a lead vocal part – when we work harmonies out, they seem to be quickly forgotten or consigned to confusion later on.

donnie and i keep talking about this imaginary point that we’re going to get to where we’re going to sit down, the two of us, and work out a ton of stuff that we’ve been planning on working out for a long time. it’s more my fault than his that this hasn’t happened yet, but it hasn’t happened yet. it very well could, though. sometime.

but there’s no denying that not having quin around anymore has taken some wind outta my sails.

for the last few weeks, in fact, i’ve been making regular stops to the classified boards on the internet, just looking around to see what’s out there. what i’ve been finding is pretty depressing – most of it has only served to emphasize my dinosaur status in my head. and it’s certainly done nothing to stir any creative juices, in terms of wanting to put anything new out into the world.

i had a long talk on friday with darren from frog holler about the current state of affairs – his band has been quite successful, and they just released their fourth album, railings, to some great reviews…and he’s pondering how to take it to the next level and keep everything under the same roof it’s been under. he’s wary of outsiders elbowing their way into the fray and diluting the recipe, and rightfully so. he’s also trying to balance the need to tour and do the right things to take the next steps with the needs of the guys in the band, which i have to think to be a source of insanity. i don’t know how that’s done. i do know, however, that you gotta believe in what you’re doing far more than i ever did to even try.

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