watershed moments

now playing: shane nicholson, “designed to fade”

ever heard a record in its entirety that you knew was going to be important for a long, long time?

you really only get a few of those in your lifetime, i think. or such has been the case with me.

in this age of access to mp3s and music coming out of everything that plugs into the wall, mix-cd’s all over the place – it just seems that albums…real collections of songs…are a total lost art.

so, when you trip over a record that not only holds together as a cohesive work, but manages to touch that special spot in your heart as a collective piece instead of as a bunch of individual songs…well, it’s pretty goddamn rare.

rumours from fleetwood mac.

august and everything after from counting crows.

late for the sky from jackson browne.

isle of view from jimmie spheeris.

if i had to write down my high fidelity-esque, all time, top five list, then the record i’m listening to right now would round it out.

it’s a movie by shane nicholson.

this is an actual album – every song on this record is amazing. and it stands together as a collective work. there’s no filler anywhere on this record.

there’s a deep sense of satisfaction that you get when you discover something that you know as you’re exploring it for the first time that it’s going to be an important piece of work to you for a long time.

i’m just gonna sit back and enjoy this.


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