so on with it, then….

i tracked down one of the four hundred remaining drive-in movie theatres (once a 4,000 strong force in america’s cultural landscape) and sat in the waning light of day reading my last pen-and-ink journal, waiting for darkness with my kids, drive-in virgins, antsy yet waiting patiently to see what the fuss is about…

i remember when i used to scribble incessantly in a series of books with blank pages, thoughts and ruminations on relationships and life and parenting and memories – mostly at work, as i recall.  my line of work now involves sitting behind a CRT while i’m on the clock, so this seems a natural transition…from wasting my work hours on paper to this.

we sat there in the back of our VW van, with the light fading, and i realized that i miss this.

so i’m back.

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