so, already, i’m thinking…

…that the differences between this platform and the blank paper that stares back at me from my journal are pretty significant in one glaring sense – i can’t remember who to attribute the quote to, but someone once said that the act of observation itself distorts that which is being observed…boy, am i feelin’ that now.

the thought of sitting down and scribbling something in a book that will go back into my backpack or onto a shelf is purging – cleansing, even…if the subject matter dictates that it be so. this, however, smacks of voyeurism to me in a way that i didn’t expect.

the huge irony in that is that i’ve been a songwriter since high school…so writing thoughts down for others’ perusal shouldn’t feel foreign to me. but songs are crafted, honed and perfected…to some extent…before they’re unleashed on the world. i suppose i could apply the same mindset here, but then why not just write a song? journalling, for me, was always supposed to be stream of consciousness…in order to be truthful, that was always a prerequisite…otherwise, harder truth runs the risk of distortion during the editing process.

“people never talk about their feelings anyway
without dressing them in dreams and laughter
i guess it’s just too painful otherwise….”

jackson browne, “the late show”

so, as far as i’m concerned, there are no rules, there are no taboos, and whatever i write, you’ll have to suffer through. if that’s ok, then we can proceed from here.

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