the ultimate compliment

some days I phone it in, but others I find that I’m on top of my game whether I make an effort to be or not.

there’s a contractor who’s in the office one day a week…and today, after listening to me handle a couple of phone calls, he said, “I want to get a tom hampton action figure with the string in the back…and every time I pull the string, it spits out a tom-ism so I can laugh at it.”

I should probably amplify this statement by adding that, while not that long ago I was safely cordoned off from the general population, I’m now in a larger room with several people…which has it’s ups and downs, but I haven’t really had to adapt a whole lot. It’s actually nice to have an audience for some of the lunacy that takes place from time to time.

the action figure, though…I think it’s best if that never comes to fruition, though. just thinking out loud here.

by the way…you’ll notice the occasional cursed capital letter creeping in here and there from time to time – this is a pretty good clue that the entry came from my phone and I was too lazy to override the spellcheck. 🙂

Idlewheel in 48 hours…stay tuned.

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