the waiting is the hardest part

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sitting in the waiting room at berks oral surgery this morning, where dylan is having his wisdom teeth removed.

he’s been his usual cavalier self about it – although if you know where and how to look, the signs of his nervousness were pretty obvious. he’s been a trooper about it, though….his biggest source of nervousness has been “the needle” – meaning the IV they give him for anesthesia. they had just administered the nitrous oxide before i was asked to leave. i would have personally wanted to stick around until he had gone under, but they didn’t really allow for that.

some time back, i took him for some bloodwork early in the morning and saw him have a seizure. he turned grey and his head tipped back and he started convulsing and it scared the shit out of me. i thought that, by going early in the morning, that we’d get him in there and get him something to eat and he’d be fine. he’d been fasting since the day before for the bloodwork, and i think he had a similar reaction to the one i had when i decided to become a human guinea pig while i was in the navy in DC.

i’d seen an ad in the DC city paper stating that you could make up to $1500 for a weekend by going in and being a test subject for these people who were – in theory – testing the variances between generic brand drugs and their brand-name counterparts. you stayed in their building for the weekend, ate and slept when and how they told you, and when it was all over, you left with cash. for a 20 year old kid, it seemed like a pretty good deal.

so i called and got the skinny – you were to eat nothing and drink only water from noon the day before until the morning you went in for testing, and they gave me the address to go to and so on and so forth. well, when i got there, there was quite a turnout…so many, in fact, that it took roughly six to seven hours to process everyone. well, by the time i got in there, i’d eaten nothing for almost 28 hours. now, those who know me well know what a feat of willpower this is in and of itself, but in terms of its physical effects on me, i didn’t really give that aspect much thought. i’ve never been skinny, even at my lowest weight, and i’ve always figured that i had plenty of reserves for such a scenario. so no big deal, right?

well, what i didn’t know is that there’s apparently a condition that exists, in terms of the oxygenation level of your blood or something of that nature, when you’re fasting…and when blood is drawn, it creates (for lack of a better word) a vacuum within your circulatory system and the blood rushes from your head. now, granted – i’m just trying to relay this in the way that i recall it, and it sounds somewhat preposterous when i repeat it…but that’s as close to how i remember the explanation as i think i’m gonna be able to get.

anyway, i went into this room where they took my picture, weighed me, did the whole shine-the-light-into-various-orifices drill, so on and so forth…and then they asked me to have a seat and prepared to take my blood. i remember sitting down, and i remember hearing the radio playing in the room….

…and the next thing i remember was seeing the linoleum tile on the floor from much closer than i had a reason to, and hearing the nurses’ voice saying to someone, “i need some help over here”.

she had put the needle in my arm to take my blood and i just slumped over in the chair. i don’t know if i had a seizure on the scale of dylans’, but i keeled right over. and i don’t remember anything. just the sound of the radio and the tile on the floor.

anyway, they got me back to an upright position in the chair, gave me some crackers and orange juice, and sent me home.

surprisingly, my phone never rang after that.

dylan came out of his lapse in much the same way…it only lasted a couple of seconds, and he got through it relatively quickly and got his color back within a couple of minutes….and while i tried to get him to let me take him to breakfast, he didn’t have any interest in eating at the moment. i had never seen that, though,and it shook me up. i still remember that shade of grey that he turned quite vividly.

today, i took the whole day off so that i could be with him through the whole thing…after the bloodwork, i had to go back to work almost right afterward, and today i didn’t want to have any other place to be.

we were all supposed to go to the beach this past weekend – i wanted to take them for the weekend, but they had a surprise birthday party on saturday, so i figured we’d just go for the day on sunday…but then they reported a high chance of rain on sunday from friday onward, so when we talked on saturday night, we decided that we’d have to come up with a plan B on sunday, and we’d talk then.

i was never as pissed to wake up to a beautiful day as i was on sunday.

as it turned out, we did ok…we went and hung out with pete and bridgets’ family for a few hours that afternoon, and we all had a good time – we went to sonic for dinner after that and then home for the night. i was originally planning on going to harrisburg to sit in with my friend michael anthony smith for his sunday night radio show on WRVV, but i was just wiped out and didn’t feel like doing anything.

i’ve given them both an ultimatum, though…that they have to come up with an idea for a trip for us before summer gets away from us. something that we’ll all enjoy. i haven’t heard any suggestions yet with regard to what it’s going to be, so i don’t know if they’ve even given it any thought. dylan and i have already talked about what we’re going to do for the year he graduates – we’re going to take a road trip across the country. we’re going to start out here, drive across the northern states to san francisco, then drive down to los angeles and drive back across the southern states and back home again.

we’ve talked about this for about two years…ever since we both read the memory of running. we don’t have any specific stops planned or anything of that nature….but for us, just deciding on something specific is a pretty huge step forward.

now we just have to execute the plan when the time comes.

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