now playing: marshall crenshaw, “our town”


so we finally got our first real snowfall last night…it wasn’t much by comparison to what the doomsayers are predicting for this weekend, but maybe a couple of inches. enough, certainly, to accumulate on the streets and the sidewalks and such.

(side note: i made a bet with a co-worker yesterday – my paycheck to a soda from the vending machine – that i’d end up shovelling the sidewalk when i got home from work last night, even though it wouldn’t be until almost eleven o’clock…and the 20 ounce bottle that’s sitting next to my monitor is standing testament to the fact that familiarity with ones’ actions will trump faith in ones’ intentions every time. every time.)

the bus driver on the night route back into reading is a real card – he was running late last night, and when he finally got to the bus stop, i said to him that he was startin’ to worry me there for a minute….he said, “well, ya know…i had to sober up a little.”

as we were driving back into town, i thought for a minute about trying to take pictures out the window of the bus with my phone, but i knew beforehand that it’d be an exercise in futility – i do wish i’d had some way of capturing what the tree limbs looked like that were so close to the window as they flew by that i thought i could stick my hand out and touch them as they passed.

i did take some pictures during the walk home, but i haven’t loaded the phone software onto my computer at home yet…not that i’ve really sat down in front of it at all this week, but i’ll get to it eventually. it was so peaceful, these streets where there’s normally so much calamity – salsa music and hip-hop blaring from cars, people yelling from behind closed windows overlooking the street…last night, there was none of that. it was also nearly ten degrees warmer than the night before…maybe not a big difference at other points on the thermometer, but when you’re talking about the difference between eleven degrees and twenty-one, it’s actually pretty significant.

scarier still is that i’ve actually come to enjoy this routine. i can’t say that i’d want to do this all the time, but for this particular period, it’s almost comforting…it’s an extension, somewhat, of my short run of “downtime” after everyone else has left at work and i have that time to myself to do what i need to do…it’s my most productive period of the day, the hours between 5 and whenever i leave for home. i can work on projects uninterrupted by phone calls about missing documents or emails that never arrived or printers that won’t accomodate users, and i can do so without any real inference from the outside world.

same for the walk home – i’m alone with my thoughts. no manic seesawing back and forth from one awful tv show to the other…no reluctant participation in mindless, idle, trivial chatter…no telephone, no email…no staring at the infuriating piles of potluck miscellanea that litter the house – none o’that.

and i gotta say…i’m becoming rather fond of it.

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