I know many of us remember 2009 and seeing the “tea party” protests that everyone is comparing the “indivisible” folks to…and in that instance, there were two major organizations (FreedomWorks and Tea Party Patriots) that acted as hubs and organizing forces for the folks who turned out. The first significant Tea Party protests happened during the August recess of 2009, over half a year after Obama took office…

…and now, barely a month after CheetoJesus unpacked his bags, there are crowds larger than 2009 showing up at town halls and protests and getting INCREDIBLY vocal – and getting folks’ attention.

I’m left to wonder: who are folks blaming as being the organizing force behind this? I know there are people who actually believe that George Soros is sitting in a bunker somewhere, lit by a single bulb dangling from the ceiling, signing checks to protesters for 22 hours a day and putting people on buses and creating fake ID’s and shipping them off to Mitch McConnells’ district so they can get in a verbal dig and land on CNN the next day…but I don’t think any sane individual believes that.

so…lacking the organizational force of a FreedomWorks-style front office, who’s running this show?

The most stark contrast I’ve been able to arrive at in observing this groundswell is that the 2009 movement started at the top, created ORGs, and recruited followers from the top down.

This movement has gone the other way – it’s grown up from the ground, from one pissed-off dude who turned into a dozen pissed-off dudes and they’ve managed to find each other and organize from the bottom upward. If you’ve seen any of the footage from these town halls over the past two days, it’s not the often-hyped conservative stereotypical protester that you’re seeing in these town halls.

Middle-aged White America is just as pissed off as the Occupy crowd right now, and they’re reacting predictably to having seen their lawmakers not even pretend to represent the will of their constituents anymore.

The clip of that woman, nearly in tears, telling McConnell to “answer me and I’ll sit down and shut up like Elizabeth Warren” is gonna be the clip you’ll see in the Ken Burns movie they make in 2038 about what took place in the aftermath of this embarrassment of a Presidential election.

(and the coolest thing about that future Ken Burns movie will be that Morgan Freeman will once again get to voice the character of Frederick Douglass.)

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