the new normal

we’re living in an era where stupidity gets a lot of press.

an era of YouTube people setting off sashes of fireworks wrapped around their torsos…late-night TV hosts interviewing people on the street who can’t name the Vice President or doesn’t know what “the equator” is…people who lack basic motor vehicle skills…people who can’t make change from a twenty dollar bill.

it’s rampant, and it’s not going anywhere, and yeah – it affects our politics.

but individual stupidity, in and of itself, is largely harmless to society.

you know what’s dangerous?

misplaced confidence.
the absolute certainty in something one has no understanding of.
complete refusal to seek counsel from others.

when you combine those traits with a complete lack of experience and reckless conceit, then…well, you can begin to see a pattern emerging over these past two weeks.

Troops to Mexico (and yeah, I know they denied it, but I’ve also watched a few of Spicer’s press briefings, and I know the value this administration places on the truth. pick your side. I’ve picked mine.)

Then, you get Pizzagate guy storming into the press briefing today to rattle his saber and talk shit about Iran, then leaving without answering any questions…and CentCom saying, essentially, that “this is the first we’ve heard about any of this…we saw it on C-SPAN, same as you did.”

it’s a little blurry now…those calm but unsettling days prior to Inauguration Day when we could actually go to bed without wondering if we’d wake up in the morning in a world where they’d outlawed conversations and we’re now at war with Mercury and Venus.

but I do remember them. and the thing that’s occurring to me tonight is that literally EVERY ONE of the emergencies and flare-ups that have been battering our sensibilities since DAY ONE have largely been manufactured.

Voter Fraud.
Crowd Size.
Bickering with Mexico.
Blitzkrieg Executive Orders.
Firing State Department employees.
Kicking out the AG.
Talking totally non-specific shit about Iran.

NONE of that stuff needed to be a crisis, but we’re being led by a guy who literally couldn’t keep from stepping on his dick if he were hanging from his ankles.

He inherited a growing economy, record low unemployment, and a pretty decent watch, statistically…and he’s managed to scare the shit outta everybody.

AUSTRALIA? how the fuck did AUSTRALIA become a goddamn problem?

Before you put your head on your sweat-soaked pillow tonight, kids, let’s look back fondly on the past two weeks and consider them through the telescope going back a century or so….

…September 11th.
…Cuban Missile Crisis.
…Stock Market Crash.
…Pearl Harbor.

How do you think this Oval Office crowd would handle an actual, legitimate come-to-Jesus moment if they’ve made such a shitshow out of the past two weeks?

Sweet dreams, children.

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