with scot sax and company at milkboy coffee in ardmore, PA

i would imagine that there’s a fine line between being proactive about ones’ career and being pushy.

i’m not really sure which side of that line i would end up on where this gig was concerned.

i saw a post on facebook that scot sax had put up about a show he was doing at milkboy where they were doing the entire neil young album, comes a time from start to finish…and i commented on his post and asked him (replete with a sarcasm-indicating smiley face) if they needed a pedal steel player.

well, he replied and said that they’d be happy to have me along if i wanted to do the show…oh, and he asked if i played fiddle too. no, sadly – maybe someday i’ve gotta take up that cause again.

i had played with scot once before, during his partnership with sharon little, at a haiti benefit that we did at sellersville, but didn’t really know him that well – which is a little odd, considering how long we’ve been knocking around.

during the one rehearsal we had for this show, as the layers peeled back, it turns out that scot and i have a lot of favorite music in common, we’re close to one another on the age ladder…i knew he was gonna be OK when i saw a vinyl copy of buckingham nicks leaning against the edge of his sofa when i arrived at his house for practice. that makes you automatically alright in my book.

the band included scot, myself, fred berman on drums, and a few special guests that rotated in and out as well as some of scot’s old foils from wanderlust…all great musicians.

in addition to the stuff from the comes a time album, we threw in a few kindred numbers from neil’s catalog, including heart of gold, old man, and we decided to do hey, hey, my, my… as the show stopper at the end of the night.

i took a stab at playing banjo and pedal steel quasi-simultaneously on old man, but – that’s still a tough switch for me on a small stage…plus, i was running everything through the same amp, so that compounded matters somewhat.

i played the mandola on goin’ back, pedal steel on already one and a bunch of other songs, lap steel on motorcycle mama, banjo on human highway…and i brought out my goldtop with the p-90’s and the bigsby tremolo for the finale, although i didn’t really lobby for a solo…the volume was creepin’ up by then, and i was playing through the gibson tweed amp…probably wasn’t in the cards for me, volume-wise.

the show was really well attended, and i feel like i have a new buddy in scot – talented dude, and a great hang.


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