session log: dan may at morningstar studios, part four

so tonight, i didn’t lift a finger to play a damn thing.

and it was kinda cool. 🙂

the pace we were moving at was pretty productive, but there really wasn’t a methodology at work – we worked on whatever seemed to float to the top, based on our prior progress and who was available for a given session…and tonight, with keith giosa and kurm in the house, there was a lot more work on their plates than on mine, so i just sat back and watched, for the most part.


here’s kurm recutting the bass part on gabriel:



and later, here’s giosa cutting the hammond organ tracks for the same song:



we focused quite a bit on this particular tune tonight, as it’s one that has quite a few layers, and it was nice to see it starting to take shape…and it’s always easier to flesh out a song that’s already up on the computer and work through that, as long as there isn’t a whole lot of setup to be done for it – conversely, if you have someone in to track for a session and they’re playing the same instrument on a number of songs, the technology of recording has evolved to the point where it’s relatively simple to change from one song to another on the back end now.


it was a productive night, and i was glad i was in for it – even if i didn’t play a note. these guys are a pretty solid hang. 🙂

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