poco with idlewheel at sellersville theater

i never thought i’d see the day when sharing the stage with the guys in poco would become a common enough occurence to be described as…i almost hate to say the word…routine. but we’ve done it enough times at this point that everyone in both bands are well enough acquainted that it’s more like seeing family visiting from out of town. musically, there’s certainly nothing routine about it, but i do feel really lucky to have this kind of relationship with guys that i looked up to as heroes when i was cutting my teeth.

sellersville theater has become something of a home for me as well, so this was a great setting…the night before new years’ eve, good friends, good music…poco and idlewheel. yeah, baby.

(those of you who visit here regularly may also remember that poco and idlewheel were danny’s first concert, attended when he was only nine days old. recap of that show here.)

poco with tommy geddes on percussion at sellersville

this show, like that show, was a trio gig for poco, but they invited tommy geddes to sit in with them for their set on snare drum for their set…and since jack was doing double duty, it seemed only fair to accomodate them by allowing tommy to do the same, right? 🙂

in all seriousness, tommy is a great player, and he did a wonderful job with the guys…it was good to see him up there with them. considering his limited familiarity with their stuff, he did a wonderful job – but then tommy is such a solid guy, and he’s so intuitive about his contributions to whatever is going on musically that it’d have been a shock if he was anything but awesome.

this show was a great ending to a pretty incredible year, musically. personally, wendy and i added a new member to our family, and i walked away from a day gig that i’d had for almost a decade…so there were plenty of changes on the personal front as well, and it wouldn’t be an understatement to say that my life at this point this year bears very little resemblance to the year before…but i wouldn’t change anything about it. this show was a great bit of punctuation on, as tori amos would say, a pretty good year.

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