with dan may at sellersville, opening for paul thorn

i love it when we make a fan out of the headliner.

dan may has been a fan of paul thorn and his music for a long time, and when we got to play in front of him at sellersville, it appears we balanced all that out.

this was a rare sellersville show for us, in that we weren’t providing backline – so we had to find a way to get everyones’ gear on stage in and around the headliners’ stuff. they travel relatively lightly, so it wasn’t as much of a problem as it might’ve been with a larger band, or a band that brought more gear than they did, and it was actually relatively comfortable once we were set up and ready to go. sellersville has a good sized stage for the number of seats it holds, although it has gotten pretty crowded on a few occasions (joan osborne, marshall tucker band) when i’ve played there. even with two bands’ worth of gear up there, though, it felt manageable this night.

paul thorn & band loading in and setting up
paul thorn & band loading in and setting up

we had a videographer come in to record dans’ set, and the final product is being put together at anthony newetts’ studio…he’s going to take the final audio recording from the house console and sync it up with the video – in his spare time, of course. i’m hoping to get either a headlining or a co-bill of some sort set up for sometime in early 2010, where we can record the entire show and possibly release it as a DVD in the spring. something to think about, ya know?

i was familiar with paul via word of mouth – specifically, from dan – but i’d never had the opportunity to hear him live before, and they made a believer outta me. their music is muscular, no-nonsense stuff and paul is a solid songwriter. and, being from the south and all, they were some of the nicest folks we’ve played with. that’s become something of a common denominator with touring bands – there’s a general sense of “we’re all in this together”ness with the bands that have southern roots than there is with bands from other parts of the country.

paul and dan in the lobby at sellersville
paul and dan in the lobby at sellersville

i’m sure there are exceptions, and i’m not saying that bands from elsewhere are all self-important bastards, or anything that extreme – so don’t take it personally, folks. i’m just sayin’ there’s a little extra somethin’ that these boys from the south carry with them that make them a joy to work with.

now, having said that, watch one of them come along and punish me for making such a generalization. 🙂

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