yesterday, in the car, wendy was reading aloud from a blog that she follows on a regular basis…the author had apparently discovered, via her excitement over the purchase of a new window, that she’d backed into being a grownup without her knowledge or consent – and hadn’t realized it until that point.

as we get older, there’s definitely a shift in the seas in terms of what we find comfort and solace in…right now, I’m sitting at a table at my favorite diner, listening to the banter between the waitstaff and the senior citizens who, it can be told by the fact that no menus are exchanged and no orders are actually taken, are definitely regular visitors.

it occurs to me that I’m finding that kind of familiarity to be somewhat comforting to me…and I never would have thought that would be the case years ago, when I expressed the full brunt of my disdain for the shithole town I came from at every opportunity.

I guess we’re all getting older…

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