why bother with facts when you can make shit up?

ok, so i had made an agreement with myself that i’d lay off this stuff this year…but – man.  you just can’t make this shit up.

read this earlier tonight on daily kos – and there’s some pretty intense truth in this post.

We know, for a fact, that Sarah Palin lied about being “against” the infamous Bridge to Nowhere. I don’t mean that she flip-flopped. I don’t mean she waffled, or equivocated, or mislead, or was disingenuous, or misspoke. I mean she lied outright. Period. She was, in fact, a supporter of the now-mocked symbol of pork and earmarks. She was a supporter during the entire process, up until the now-magical point when the entire thing had devolved into farce, and not even Republicans could attach themselves to such a boondoggle without paying a political price. Then, and only then, did she distance herself from it.

And by “distance herself”, we mean “kept the money”.

We know, for a fact, that Sarah Palin lied about being “against” earmarks. As mayor of her small Alaskan town, she hired a Team Abramoff lobbyist to squeeze Washington for generous funds, funds far in excess of what the average American small town could expect. The lobbyist delivered nearly $27 million worth of earmarks to the town of less than ten thousand people: a fine haul, indeed. She said so herself, in her own handwriting.

So she lied. Baldly and repeatedly. McCain is now on a multistate tour, repeating the very same lies — and for Republicans, they are applause lines. Huzzah to the “anti-pork” governor whose state is more dependent on pork than any other state. Hooray for the “anti-earmarks” candidate who made a name for herself as a champion of the earmark.

The question is: what of it?

There is absolutely no penalty for lying, in politics. None. Zip. Nada. Sarah Palin could stand atop a stage and declare herself moon-goddess of Endor, and it wouldn’t make a bit of difference. Yes, the papers would correct her. There would be a few cable stories on how there was no prior record of her being declared a moon-goddess. In the end, however, it would not matter, and it would not matter because Republicans have decided that it does not.
For Republicans, there is no longer any moral taboo whatsoever against lying outright. The only relevant question is whether the lie is effective — not whether it should have been done in the first place. Karl Rove can rail against the inexperienced nature of one vice presidential candidate — a Democrat — and without the slightest bit of explanation (or shame), but happily pipe up with praise for an unequivocally, plainly less experienced Republican pick. It is not expected that he be self-consistent in the slightest. Everyone understands from the outset that his role is to say bad things about Democrats, and good things about Republicans, and if the two things conflict spectacularly it is not considered a symbol of his dishonesty or evidence of a histrionic maliciousness towards factual discourse. It is merely spin. He can make a farce of his own prior arguments — what does it matter? If he is comfortable with it, and the people who look to him for guidance rally behind it, then we can Newspeak our way into and out of any argument as neat as you please.

So what of it, if offshore drilling will not reduce gas prices. It’s fine to say it anyway — it doesn’t matter. So what if the President of the United States says “we do not torture”, and then we discover that the White House itself authorized acts that are torture under any rational definition of the word. He’s the President, he can lie about anything he likes, as long as it has nothing to do with sex. And honestly, even if it does.

So what of it, if Sarah Palin says crooked things with a straight face? Name me one Republican who will object. Name me one — just ONE — diehard conservative who will be angry at the lie, instead of praising her for it. To hell with facts, there is another election to be won.

This is why I consider the Republican Party to be, at this point, a wrecked party. There is no self-consistent philosophy other than the acquisition and protection of their own power: there are certainly no moral or ethical boundaries that the party will internally enforce. John Edwards, a Democrat, had his political career effectively terminated when news of an affair came to light; a Republican can visit a prostitute wearing a diaper, and find himself easily forgiven. You can lie, you can staff your government with morons and ideologues, you can give a speech saying one thing while doing the exact opposite (a Bush specialty, in his State of the Union speeches. We bemoan constantly the Democrats’ failure to keep a unified front, in order to pass a more meaningful agenda — but you would be hard pressed to find even a single, lone Republican in Washington willing to buck the moral collapse of their own party. Such people once existed: they were voted out of office. All that remain are “mavericks” like McCain, figures who will countermand every previous belief in order to regain the support of his own party.

Palin may be an unapologetic liar, but there isn’t anything even slightly surprising about that.

i’ve come to believe that people willingly swallow whatever garbage they hear that fits in with whatever it is that they want to believe, without giving a rats’ ass about the truth, or whether or not what they choose to believe has any basis in reality whatsoever.   and don’t bother trying to point out the error of their ways – all that buys you is instant resentment, no matter whether you can back up what you’re saying or not.  and don’t even think about asking them to back up their statements with sources – you’re just some asshole trying to start a fight.

remember…before you try to confront one of these folks who get all their talking points from forwarded emails and the checkout line at the supermarket…it’s just not worth it.  you’re not gonna change their minds, because they’ve already made them up.

and no amount of inconvienent facts will change that.

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