the future of rock and roll

was revealed to those of us fortunate enough to be at dan may’s gig this past friday, held in the basement of a unitarian church in harrisburg, PA.  our intrepid guitarist, dennis rambo, shot this footage from an undisclosed location known to those with the necessary security clearance as “the clara barton fooseball room”:

so brave, so daring, so completely and abashedly unconventional.  i mean, he laid it bare right there on the stage, and when he left, there was nothing we could do but hang our heads in shame and struggle mightily to somehow try not to embarrass ourselves with our obvious mundane sameness when we went on shortly after him.

i feel humiliated for having to sully the stage after he’d christened it with the blood of a true rock and roll innovator, and yet simultaneously fortunate to have been there for that moment, and to have seen the essence of the future of rock and roll.

monsters of harp, bitches!   Whoooooo-HOO!

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