why canada sucks as a neighbor

now playing: survivor, “somewhere in america”

well, canada – thanks a fuckin’ lot. you showed us up again.

a little cadre of wild-eyed, extremist idiots show up in your country with a crazy plot to round up a few government officials and do a little light afternoon beheading, and what do you do? you go and arrest them before they get a chance to pull it off!

nice. reeeal nice.

i mean, have a little consideration for your neighbors down here.

you’re like the new employee who shows up at work and immediately sets about to make everyone else look like slackers by workin’ your ass off, trying to climb the ladder – and frankly, we’re not likin’ it one bit.

i mean, really…you guys got a lotta friggin’ nerve – what with catching these guys the way you did.

c’mon – i mean, just look at you.

you got no patriot act.

you got no government agencies eavesdropping on its citizens.

you got not homeland security department.

i mean, are you just trying to make us look bad?

aren’t you tired of that yet?

and hey – don’t think i don’t know what you’re thinkin’. you’re sittin’ up there, all high and mighty, just waiting for the next thing to go wrong down here – for some idiot to try to light his shoe on fire on a plane or something like that, or whatever crazy little trick they might be plotting to pull next…and then when it happens, you’ll be thumbin’ your nose, singin’ the little “nyeah nyeah nyeah nyeah nyeah” taunt. yeah, yeah you will. because you foiled a plot without making any of the noise we’ve made in the past five years, and when it happens to us again we’ll look twice as stupid then as we look now. no, no, no – don’t even bother to try to deny it. just because you might not say it out loud doesn’t mean you’re not thinking it.

we’re on to you now. we see how it is.

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