oh, my achin’ (insert random body part here)

now playing: jimmie spheeris, “i am the mercury”

man…ten minutes before one in the morning, and i feel like i want to sit here and write and write and write, but my body is going to betray that notion pretty quickly. my back and shoulders feel as if i’ve lifted a hammond organ and a piano onto and off of the back of a truck – which is probably because i did, not that long ago.

this is probably not a good night to be camping, but so be it…

i just have to take a minute to throw some props at my buddy mitch, who has come out from philadelphia countless times to help me get through all these transitions i seem to be in the middle of right now – i’d be absolutely sunk without him.

thanks, buddy.

still much, much to do…amidst a great deal of uncertainty.

may you live in interesting times, indeed.

bite me.

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