pay no attention to that man behind the curtain

now playing: blue nile, “from a late night train”

ok, so let’s be realistic – we all knew this day was coming.

i’m splitting this blog down the middle, and leaving the RVM site for matters purely musical, and sporadic personal updates, depending on their pertinence to music. there’s a “news” section on the official site that’s essentially a blogger-published page, but it’s more for announcements and such – this will be more detailed than that, to be sure – but i think the time has come to draw a line here.

i find myself constantly questioning whether or not i’m crossing lines…i write about certain things (or people) and am told that i’m overstepping my bounds, only to find out later that there are those who don’t understand why i never mention certain things (or people), and this whole process has just become too convoluted. i’m finding that it’s more common for me not to write anything than to try and figure out what’s appropriate to the spirit of my site, and how much is too much, and whether or not i’m violating unspoken trusts by delving into certain things.

so, since this journal is a component of my personal site, which is essentially a promotional tool for my music, it will stick to its intended mission from this point forward.

no doubt i will give in, at some point, to the temptation to set up a personal journal elsewhere. if you know me well enough to ask, drop me a line or call me and i’ll let you know once i’ve set it up. there are friends of mine with whom i seldom get to connect who do depend on these updates to find out what’s going on in my life, and if this is you, i’ll happily steer you in that direction – with the disclaimer that what i think, what i feel, what my life entails at a particular time is what will appear on that page…for better or worse. as such, it may only be relevant to those within a certain circumference of my inner circle. or maybe, it’s best relegated to my eyes only. i don’t know yet.

so, that said – stand by for updates on the recording sessions for the new boris garcia album soon – i just put lap steel on a song last night for them at studio four in conshohocken where they’re finishing up work on the record, and i’m going to be adding some rickenbacker 12 string as well.

i’m also going to be playing a handful of instruments on a song for skip denenberg in the near-term at the other remaining legendary philadelphia area recording studio, Philadelphia International.

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