opdyckes’ law

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so there are a million little things that i need to get done before i vacate the premises here, and one of them was to scan jayda’s feature article in the reading eagle so that she can get to it. i figured that some of the folks who stop by here on occasion might be interested, so here goes:


you can go here for a larger version of it.

i was on the phone for a while with my old new hope buddy, jerry opdycke, for a while tonight – seems my entry from friday seems to have spooked a few folks, and i’ve got a couple of people emailing and calling to make sure i don’t have the barrel of a gun in my mouth…understandably so, i suppose. i think the fact that the site was down all weekend because i forgot to switch my debit card when i changed bank accounts might have added to the mystique somewhat, hard to say…aaaanyway..

jerry informed me that my mental state can be attributed to opdyckes’ law of unequal redisbursement – which is to say…and i quote:

when the shit hits the fan, it never flies off the blades in equal proportions.

there’s a lot going on here. the total of which i might go into a fraction at a time, but i’ll spare you all most of it. suffice to say that everything seems to be happening at once, and even my newfangled to-do lists aren’t much help in keeping on top of everything. all the wisdom being sent my way is that it’s a speedbump and that i’ll be back to normal once i’m settled into a new place and i’ve had time to digest everything, but i know from my own experience what “settling into a new place” entails. i’ve certainly done it enough to know by now.

i took dylan with me to look at a place tonight directly across from city park – dylan fell in love with the place…in fact, he’s probably already packing. which, knowing dylan, is saying something. now it must be said that, as this place sits right now, it should have about two months’ worth of work done to it before anyone even considers moving in. when we walked in, we both kinda froze in our tracks. it looked like a weird combination of the brady bunch house and any one of a multitude of haunted houses from scooby-doo.

tudor beam ceilings.
fireplace with turquoise tile.
orange shag carpet.

honestly, austin powers would have thought that this place was completely over the top. but i have to say, it has potential. the layout is cool, the rooms are big, and the dining room is big enough to serve as a studio, if my hands are forced (which they very well may be). heat, hot water, and trash are included in the rent, it has central air and a washer/dryer that they’re leaving there for us…

and there’s one other thing that i damn near soiled my pants over when i saw it, and i dare not discuss it here, and i won’t mention a word of it until this scenario has played out and somethings’ been decided here.

but when i mention it later…you’ll know what i’m talking about.

i’m going to try to go back tomorrow with jayda (who missed this trip because she was at a RACC event with Reading Musical Voices), so she can get a look around and have an opinion on the proposition at hand.

in the meantime, i need to get through all the shit on my desk and pack what i don’t need…then i can get through the rest of the house as i go. i’ve actually made quite a bit of progress already tonight.

it’s a small thing, but i’m taking whatever i get these days.

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