who knows what heaven is?

now playing: the band, “stage fright”

just a couple of thoughts that have either crossed my mind or my computer screen of late that i thought i’d share…

there’s been a lot of political discussion over on the poconut forum of late – it started out as a discussion of the DPW ports situation, and grew from there to encompass a lot of other things. it hasn’t been the first political discussion there, and it certainly won’t be the last. one thing that someone said, though, could be the encapsulation of the entire political landscape in a couple of sentences.

i thought i’d share it with you.

“politics used to be about who was best at promising us the means to fulfill our dreams. now it’s about whos’ best at promising to protect us from our nightmares. apparently, the right seems to be best at that right now.”

the fact that there’s so much truth in that statement is a grave indicator of just how heavy and encompassing the shift in our country has been this past decade or so. it’s pretty damned sobering.

in other news, i think i’ve arrived at my own personal vision of heaven. or – at least – what i think i’d like for it to be.

heaven, for me, would be a place where i’d be allowed to exist completely free of obligation or other peoples’ expectations. no one to call about their computer, no one who needed this or wanted that, no favors to earn or return, no bills, no place to be at a given time of day. just a mandate to exist and find things to enjoy about whatever given day it might be.

lately, the thought of even a temporary piece of that kind of heaven is absolutely blissful.

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