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children’s talent to endure stems from their ignorance of alternatives.

maya angelou, i know why the caged bird sings

i’d like to introduce you to someone.

this is grace.   grace oughton.

grace is not yet two years old.

she was diagnosed this past christmas (!) with neuroblastoma, an agressive form of cancer for which she’s currently being treated at children’s hospital in boston.

i found out about grace when my friend angela here at work sent me an email from the company’s old travel agent, whos’ a friend of the family. the familys’ community has responded to this in a big way, and a circle of supporters have sprung from this simple email that asked for nothing but prayers a week or so ago.

there is now a website,, with news, pictures, a journal, and yes – a place to send donations.

this is a working family, good people, who just want their child back.

some of you will read right past this and go about whatever you were doing. and that’s fine, i suppose – we all cope with things like this differently.

i hope that at least one or two of you will take the time to visit the site and stop by the journal and get to know these people and get a look at what parents go through when they’re hit with something this devastating…and how truly resilient children are – even in the face of something as life-altering as cancer.


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