the ramifications of time travel

now playing: marvin gaye, “mercy mercy me”

i remember seeing a rolling stone special once where smokey robinson said that if this album (what’s going on) were to come out today, it would be a smash…

well, smokey…i guess i’m just gonna have to go ahead and disagree with you, there…

records come out every day, every week, every month, that people don’t understand, don’t accept, don’t appreciate….and yet ashley simpson is everywhere you turn. i’d venture to say that if marvin gaye was reincarnated in the year he died (1984), he’d be 21 now, and would probably be an anomaly – he’d probably be writing songs and recording them in his apartment, shopping for a deal right about now…and if he was making the same kind of music he made in his day, he’d be taking his first steps down a long, disappointing road.

i can’t even imagine what kind of a conversation that’d be – the one between marvin’s manager and the a&r guy? “well, you know, if it were up to me, i’d love to put this out…but i’m not hearing a single here. seriously, baby, where’s the hooks here, huh? the choruses just don’t come up quick enough, and the drums just aren’t up enough in the mix. i mean, i love it. i do. but i just can’t sell this one to the man, baby. can’t sell it.”

so he’d have to resort to the internet, most likely…he’d put up a myspace page, start a blog, and sell his stuff on itunes, and get a day job fixing computers to pay his bills…

…and eventually, he’d probably get discouraged, stop writing, and start playing covers at a piano bar. and the world would be poorer for not having heard “what’s going on”, “mercy mercy me”, “make me wanna holler”, “what’s happening, brother”, etc., etc…

so there, smokey. put that in your pipe and smoke it.

in other, more pertinent news….

some of you are already aware that i’m going to be playing at the colonial theatre in phoenixville on february 10th, opening for friends and heroes poco. it’s going to be a full band show – i’ll have some details about that for you in the coming days as well, but suffice to say, it’s gonna be a kick-ass band, with some guests that, frankly, surprise even me. 🙂

i wish i had more time and/or fuel to continue on a bit about this, but the sheer amount of stuff that needs to be done over the course of the next month is making my head hurt – so i’ll check back in a bit later. i just don’t like letting this space go for too long unnoticed. i read an article on a while back about how over half of all blogs on the internet are abandoned (see my sidebar for some examples), and i developed this resolve to never let mine be one of them…although it often may appear as such.

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