say it ain’t so, keith…

now playing: dar williams, “spring street”

i realized something last night.

in the dead of night, as i labored up to my elbows in the cavernous rack case that is my studio computer, cursing the day i decided to buy one of those damned boutique CPU fans just to try to quiet the room a bit, i came to a surprising conclusion.

that keith urban guy ain’t so bad.

i know that all the renegade country crowd probably thinks otherwise, but ya know what? he’s actually pretty talented.

yeah, yeah – go ahead and hate him because he’s beautiful. i do too. but he plays and sings his ass off, and i gotta give him his props for that.

now – just tell me this, man.

why nicole kidman? why? why? WHY?

dude, she’s been AROUND. and YOU, man – you can have literally any woman you want. ANY woman. why her, dude?

seriously – if lenny kravitz can’t be bothered, she’s not good enough for you.

go steal sara evans from that uptight congressman husband of hers and unseat mr. and mrs. faith hill as the new ultimate country music supercouple.

just do it.



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