squirrelly activity

now playing: jimmie spheeris, “monte luna”

so today, i seem to be faced with the same sentiment on a number of different fronts in my life….

…i need to stop messin’ around and start getting some serious work done.

perhaps it’s just remorse for having spent so much of my weekend asleep, but i’m feelin’ a lot of pressure today. pressure to finish building the baffles for the back room in the studio so that i can record drums with a minimum of outside disturbance…pressure to have at least three or four songs close to completion by the time i drive out west over thanksgiving weekend, so that i can have something tangible to play for the guys…pressure to finish the whole filing project that i stayed up all night the other night to start (i’ll be really happy that i finished this one come tax time next year), pressure to get more on top of what i think most people would consider basic housekeeping stuff at home…

i think that, unlike other times, this particular pressure has roots in the fact that i’ve gotten so much accomplished over the last couple of months – it feels like i’m so close to being in a place where i don’t have all this stuff hanging over my head that needs to be done…closer than i’ve been in a while…and that makes getting over the hump that much more important. i guess it’s always easier to discount the possibility of actually getting there when it’s miles and miles away. that doesn’t feel like the case anymore.

dylan got his report card for the first quarter of the school year last week, and he kicked ass – even under the duress he experienced the last two weeks of the reporting period (with the surgery and having missed two weeks of school and all). A’s and B’s throughout.

so he celebrated by taking the liberty of walking home from school the next day without letting anyone know what his plans were.

his sister would have been crucified for doing such a thing (has been in the past, i should point out)…dylan, however, still floating on his cloud of report-card-induced-invincibility, received a few moments of scorn and then life went on as it does over at moms’ house.

our gender-based double standards are reinforced here on a daily, maybe hourly, basis.

my personal challenge to myself this evening is to complete at least one (if not two) baffles, solder the banana clips onto my speaker cables, and get the kinks ironed out of the ADAT lightpipe connections. once i’ve done that, i can make peace with ripping the PC apart later this week to install the fanless power supply and the new CPU heatsink assembly.

i should think about actually recording some music amidst all this squirrelly activity, as well.



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