quiet, i suppose…

now playing: lord of the rings

a hell of a time of day to be watching tv, i know…but there’s a good chance i might not go to sleep at all tonight.

i slept more this weekend than i think i ever have in a two day period…i came home from a trip to york yesterday afternoon to meet my new friend steve at speakeasy vintage music and drop off what i found out was a 1937 hammond C series organ and a leslie 25 cabinet. we had a few minutes to chat about what had to be done with them to get them up and running, what my options were…and i can see why people like aaron neville and alicia keys send their stuff to him…he knows his stuff.

anyway, i got home and talked to jayda for a bit..we waited for wendy to come home, and ate dinner…then i took her to her friend frankies’ house and came home and laid down for what i thought would be a nap at around 6:30…

…and i woke up at noon today.

but that’s not all of it…i fell asleep again at around 7 or so and got in a couple more hours’ sleep.

i guess i was tired.

now, though, it’s quarter after three in the morning, and i’m sitting in front of the television.

tomorrow i will pay for this.


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