i’ll sleep when i’m dead…which may be soon at this rate

now playing: dan tyminski, “carry me ‘cross the mountain”

ok, first of all – myspace kicks some serious ass.

i never thought that anything would really come close to replacing the old mp3.com site when it was assimilated by cnet.com some years ago, but this does it in spades.

it’s keeping me up nights.

i’ve rekindled acquaintances with a bunch of old friends that i haven’t seen or talked to in years on here…i really do think that i must be the last net-enabled asshole to catch onto this.

i have laundry in the dryer right now, so i can justify this somewhat…but i really do need to sleep. there’ll be no sleeping in this weekend…on saturday i’m taking a hammond organ and not-even-close-to-matching leslie cabinet to speakeasy for an overhaul, and then sunday is the fall philly guitar show…

i guess that i’m just going to have to go to bed at a decent hour both of those nights.



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