you had me…

now playing: david lindley, “pay bo diddley”

yeah, it’s been something of a quiet spell.

most of my days, lately, have been spent watching baseball and working in my studio in the basement. i must say, it’s coming together quite nicely – it’s already shaping up to be a much more comfortable environment to work in than it’s been in the past, in terms of how it’s laid out. i’m still struggling a bit with a couple of decisions – do i throw this out…do i move this over there or leave it here…do i move this out from the wall or shove it up under the shelf…those kinds of decisions.

most of the work has been in the front room, thus far…soon i have to get the back room set up as well. i have a friend coming to drop off some used office cubicle dividers soon, that i’m going to use to enclose the drums and to put up on the wall behind the guitar amps – as long as they’re available, i should make as much use of them as i can.

it’s been a long time since i’ve been antsy to work in this particular environment, but i can’t wait to get this thing up and running, and start getting some work done on this new album project. i’ve been swimming in ideas ever since i started this whole “tear it down to rebuild it” project, and now i’m eager to finish so i can get started…if that makes any sense.

baseball….boy, what can you say about the past weekend? i bet the phillies are wishin’ right about now that they’d won those mets games that they blew a while back. if they had, it’d likely be them instead of the astros going up against the braves in the NLDS this week. but no, they left it up to the cubs to slant things their way…and if any of you saw the end of the last cubs/astros game, you might be inclined to agree with me that the cubs didn’t really want to win that game. if they did, there’s no way in hell they’d have sent that last batter to the plate with the record he had against the guy on the mound. not with lee in the on-deck circle and two runners in scoring position. i think their outlook was essentially “what the hell? we gain nothing from winning this game. screw philadelphia. let’s get this last out so we can clean out our lockers and call it a day here.”

but, the fact remains, philadelphia controlled their own destiny the last couple of weeks of the season, and they lost games that they should have won.

and cleveland….man. what can you say? if you want to discuss self-destruction, look no further. to think that they could have actually sent the white sox home this past weekend – but they just crumbled. i mean, not on the scale of the orioles’ season, but they did crumble nonetheless.

and the sox had first place all sewn up, and managed to blow that as well. well – technically, they were tied…but they also lost games at the wire that they should have won. i mean, seriously…toronto? get real, man. i mean, i get that this is why they play the games, that there will be games lost…i understand all that. but at this point in the season, there are games that you expect to win and games that you expect to be tight…and the whole “upset syndrome” was absolutely rampant these past few weeks. hell, just ask cleveland. or kansas city.

in dylan news:

we were driving back home from their mothers’ house last week…they’d only been in the car for a little while, and jayda was in the back with her headphones on, dylan perched in the shotgun seat. no one was talking, and music was playing lightly in the car.

after a few minutes devoid of conversation, dylan looks over at me and says…

“you had me at hello.”

a “you had to be there” moment, perhaps…but he just cracked me the hell up. this is something he does on a somewhat regular basis…pulling a random remark out of his ass that has no purpose whatsoever, save for leaving their recipients with their jaw hanging open.

it was a blast to watch him interacting with wendys’ dad on their recent visit – they play off each other, and i think they’re both amused by one another. i think dylan is just beginning to figure out who he is and what it is that makes him tick. jayda’s been walking around with this information for a while, but i knew dylan would start to catch up sooner or later.

jayda, by the way, didn’t have a very good weekend – she spent a chunk of sunday in bed, in fact, with a stomachache, but seemed to be somewhat better by sunday night before she went back to bed.

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