next on sportscenter: the mannings and manual labor

now playing: buddy miller, “does my ring burn your finger”

in a lot of ways, this weekend was just what the doctor ordered…friday was rather insane at work, and while i’d had other things planned for the weekend that didn’t ultimately pan out, i think it went pretty much the way it was supposed to – we had an unexpected visit from jayda’s friend frankie (whom i call “franklin”, just because i know it irritates her a bit) on saturday night, and jayda decided to cook for everybody when she got there, because she was apparently a bit hungry.

i had picked dylan up earlier that day, and we went to the mall so i could get my Official John Goodman Collectors’ Edition Haircut – i’m not sure which way i like it less…the way it was before or the way it is now. i think it’s a bit of a toss-up. anyway, we hung around the house, worked in the basement, and shot each other with darts for a large portion of the day. sunday was rather low-key…overcast and threatening rain all day. so we sat around and watched toronto hand a game over to the yankees on a silver platter in the 7th inning and flipped back and forth between that game and the eagles and the phillies/reds game.

then, on sunday night, it was my great pleasure to watch san diego finally give ladanian tomlinson the damn ball and let him do his thing – which, on this night, was to humiliate the younger manning brother and his team.


have any of you seen the ridiculous commercial that the manning brothers made for the red cross? now, i’m not trying to make light of whatever they may have actually contributed to the relief effort, but this commercial shows the two brothers standing next to a conveyor belt that’s coming off a plane. the belt has boxes on it, spaced out somewhat evenly, and one of the brothers picks up a box off the belt and hands it to the other, who then turns and puts the box back down on the conveyor belt. now, someone please, please explain to me how this herculean effort on the part of the manning brothers is furthering the relief effort? they’re doing the same work by hand that the conveyor belt was gonna do in the first place!


i must say, though, eli definitely has the edge over his big brother in terms of losing gracefully. if that had been payton on the receiving end of that whoopin’ last night, he’d have been cryin’ and pointin’ fingers and whining to the officials…eli at least maintained a modicum of dignity.

oh, and how ’bout that adam vinitieri?

i’ve grown to love watching bill cowhers’ face grow more and more grotesque from season to season – the scowl that he’s worn for years is slowly starting to descend into this nasty, jokeresque mutation of a face that could wake a person from a deep sleep if chanced upon in a dream.

boy….there’s a scary thought for ya.

anyway – this week is going to be amazing, from a sports perspective…the final days of the regular season for major league baseball find new york and boston tied for first place in the AL east, and cleveland (who lost an absolute heartbreaker yesterday) keeping pace with the chicago white sox and holding on to their lead in the wild card race…and here, all eyes are on philadelphia, who closed in by another game on roger clemens and the astros (speaking of the rocket, i’m starting to think that he and jason giambi are twins separated at birth – the only reason i’m not sure of it is that for the last couple of years, i’ve been noticing that giambi bears more and more of a resemblence to vincent dinofrio’s character in men in black…truly, truly scary.)

i wonder if the family would be up for going to a phillies game this week?

maybe not…after watching them hand a sealed W over to the mets in the 8th inning, i’m a little perturbed with them at the moment.

one thing that i’ve noticed more this season than perhaps any other is that teams are losing games to teams that they should be able to beat in their sleep – and in epidemic proportions. i’ve never seen quite so much of it as i have this year.

stakes are high, man…stakes are high.


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