open letter number 79: mitch deighan

now playing: dolly varden, “surrounded by the sound”

so, my friend, it appears that the game is over, and your team has won.

after almost two years of fighting, bickering, scheming by politicians and neighbors with a hidden agenda, the dust has settled and it appears that the neighborhood has come out on top in the battle to save the northern liberties playground.

i got your voicemail earlier this week…you sounded elated when you were telling me that you’d finally gotten the word from council sources that “no part of the playground, in whole or in part, would be sold to any individual or outside concern”, and that it appeared to finally be a done deal.

i’m sure there are other people who know how much you invested, in terms of time, energy, effort, money, the whole package – to bring this about.

it’s my hope that you give yourself a couple of minutes to give yourself the credit you deserve for the happy ending.

look, buddy – we both know how you are. we both know that if it came down to an “i’d like to thank the academy” moment, that you’d have a list of people that you’d thank for their parts in this thing that’d be as long as your arm.

but let’s face facts for a minute.

you can take any one of the people that you’d potentially thank for their role and remove them from the equation – and chances are pretty good that you’d have still gotten the same result.

take papa mitch out of the equation, though, and the whole house of cards crumbles. none of this happens the way it ultimately did.

i hope you realize that, and i hope you can appreciate your role in the end result.

the budding idealist – the young soul who hasn’t yet been scarred by cynicism or jaded by the ways of the world – sets out to change the world in big ways always. folks like yourself understand that the world is changed one battle at a time, one victory at a time…

…one playground at a time.

every time you walk by that playground now, you can do so with the knowledge that if it weren’t for you, it wouldn’t exist. and the lives of the children who play there wouldn’t be the same without you.

my hats’ off to you, brother. a job well done.


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