days go by like ghosts in chains…

now playing: aunt pat, “satellite”

first of all, before i get into making excuses for my absence, let me just say…

this song kicks ass.

i remember talking to blake while we were working together on his record about this song, specifically…and he had said that he thought it should be faster, and that he tried pleading his case to no avail…

…thank God.

this song, if it had come out in a more receptive era, would have been a total friggin’ anthem. it’s heavy but not plodding, and the chorus is absolutely perfect.

i’d put it up for you to download, but i dunno how mister allen would feel about that.

maybe later.

so, anyway….yeah. i’ve been away for a while. and without getting too carried away about where i was or what i did on a daily basis (which i’m somewhat inclined to do, but i’ll spare you), let’s just say that the weather was perfect, i got a lot of groundwork done for the book, i got to bear witness to arguably the most beautiful real estate on the planet at the perfect time of year for doing so, and i was in the company of great people.

i took somewhere in the neighborhood of 600 pictures…but to start posting them here would lean in the direction of becoming the Overzealous Returning Vacationer.

i know that person, and i don’t want to become that person.

maybe i’ll put up a couple when i’m finished with the site redesign, but probably not right away.

i’ve got so, so much crap to do of late…two websites, in addition to my own, to build…my own to redesign….a book to write, an album to finish….

but, oddly – i wake up ready to get out of bed now. i don’t feel the Morning Dread the way i’ve become somewhat accustomed to.

i like it.

i basically crammed all the mail that accumulated during my absence into my shiny new backpack (birthday present…L.L. Bean. KICKASS backpack…thanks, wen) and brought it to work with me today to sort through during my lunch break…and i’m left with this thought….

why is it that we’re so collectively indignant about spam?

i’ve literally filled my wastebasket with paper today. bottom to top. some of that goes back a few weeks, granted – but i can’t help but wonder why it is that we all get our boxers in a wad over email that we can delete that uses virtually no natural resources, yet we seem to have collectively resigned ourselves to throwing out the reams of garbage that gets shoved through the slot in our door on a regular basis?

hell, it takes a lot less energy to hit the “delete” key than it does to gather all the collected credit card offers, catalogs, and coupon collections that show up in your mailbox and seek out a spot for them in your trash bin.

now, don’t get me wrong – i hate spam as much as the next person. but where’s the outrage about the real junk mail?

anyway…i do believe that the time off – especially coming on the heels of a month and a half of bustin’ my ass – certainly served the purpose of recharging my batteries. i’m ready to take on the world now.

especially since i’ve got all this space on my desk now.

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