doors close, windows open….

now playing: lyle lovett, “north dakota”

so it’s been four days now, since we put stand by your man to bed, and i’m feeling that antsy, “i’m-supposed-to-be-somewhere” feeling already….i remember that after tommy closed, i got a phone call from my buddy buzz at 8pm sharp, frantically asking where i was, saying that “fred was freaking out – you’d better get down here”, et cetera…i’m not sure if he expected me to fall for it, but i will cop to having that little nanosecond of “ohmigod” in the pit of my stomach before i put things back into perspective.

i spent a big chunk of the weekend ripping apart the basement so that i can rewire everything to my liking and rearranging the layout so that i’d have a little more space than i’ve had previously…the challenge has been the internal debate over how i want to wire things up as i’m putting everything back together. i have more options than i need, really, and while i’d like to be able to do everything and take advantage of every option that i have, there’s no valid reason to do that. i have to settle on a modus operandi and go with it.

i’m not sure why that’s so hard for me.

i’ve gotten far enough along, though, that i’m getting glimpses of what the rooms’ going to be like when it’s done, and i’m liking it a lot. it’s going to be a lot more functional than it has in the past, and it should be better acoustically as well. it’ll be more comfortable, easier to work in, and not as cluttered…more organized. and this is all good. should make work go much more smoothly.

i’m taking some time off from work next week…for a number of reasons. opportunity is probably chief among them, but the chance to recharge my batteries after what has essentially been a month and a half of having my foot on the floor all the time isn’t breaking my heart. i’m thinking about taking some time to go through the stacks and stacks of research material that i’ve accumulated over time for the book project and taking some of that with me to keep my brain occupied…last night, we bantered about names for a long time, and today i tried to formulate those names into an actual list of sorts, which will probably change several dozen times before this thing actually gets underway and words begin to find themselves committed to paper/disk and organized into something tangible.

it never occured to me that i’d be in the position of having to whittle something like this down, as opposed to scrambling to find content, but when i made my initial list of people i’d like to include in this book today, i had twenty-four of them…and that’s just the ones i could think of from off the top of my head. i know there are players that i didn’t think of, and i’m sure i’ll probably be able to talk myself out of a couple of the folks on my list over time. some of them have great websites, some of them have so-so websites, and some of them have so frighteningly little information about them available that i’m not sure how i’m going to manage to include them in the project or dig up content about them, much less contact information.

i don’t think i’ve really discussed the gist of the book here at all, or what the ultimate plan is…i’ve got a working title and a concept, but i’m starting to flip-flop a bit on the concept now, as well…initially, i was going to exclude a certain group of people, but then i started thinking about a larger vision for it, and it wouldn’t make sense to exclude some of the people i was going to exclude if i made that particular vision my objective.

as you can probably see, the whole concept is still pretty liquid, but i hope to at least get it to jell-o form by the end of the week.

oh, and i’m making a record amongst all this other inter-cranial noise, too.

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