hat trick

now playing: dolly varden, “disappear”

well – he did it, folks.

he managed to end up with three gigs on the same day – a 2pm matinee at gretna, a 5pm happy hour gig at viva, and an 8pm evening show back at gretna the same day….

and somehow, he pulled it off.

ok, enough of the third person stuff…i think this was as close as i may ever come to being in more than one place at a time. it was harrowing, but i actually did it. i was a little lackadaisical about my travel time back to the theatre for the second show, and i almost paid for that – thanks to the 26mph pace of the lovely gentleman with the yoko ono cataract lenses who got off the mt. gretna exit right in front of me and never relinquished his position there until i turned into the theatre parking lot.

and yet, i managed to be on stage, in costume, and ready to play when “places” were called.

yes, i pulled it off…and yet i can’t say that i’m eager to fill my plate quite that full again anytime soon.

friday i have the last show, which follows yet another viva happy hour.

might as well go out in a blaze of glory, i guess.

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