a chill kinda place

now playing: lyle lovett, “north dakota”

day two of my two day break between weeks of gretna theatre shows – i have to say that i’m really glad i took this show on, even if for no other reason but to show me how a real theatre company does things. these folks are on top of everything. shows start on time, intermissions run the proper length, everyone is professional, everyone treats everyone else with respect and (generally speaking) mutual admiration, and they’re a genuine pleasure to be around.

it would’ve been possible to say that about the band for the last show i did, but that’s about it…everyone else was kinda all over the map.
i’ve been giving some thought to life after the summer theatre season – i’ve got a couple of things that are potentially on my plate, but nothing definite has formed up yet, so i can’t really say that they’re for certain…but i’m hoping that they both pan out…they’d be nice additions to the album project, in terms of things to have on my plate.
a few weeks ago, i was prowling about the internet looking for potential work, and i came upon an ad from a young girl who’d just lost her guitar player, and i went to her site to check her out…i was thoroughly impressed with her songwriting and how she’d put her album together, so i emailed her a link to my site, and she responded almost immediately and told me that she couldn’t use me because i was too good.

i emailed her back and told her that i didn’t see myself that way, that i wrote her because i dug her music, and that if she was OK with it, i’d really like to play with her, but i never heard another word.
too good. i’ve never heard that one before. too fat, too lazy, too moody? sure. but too good? how good is too good? is it really discernable as to whether someone is too good for a situation without putting them in the middle of it?
anyway, these other two gigs – one is playing in a band with a member of a national act from the philadelphia area whos’ just put out a solo album, and the other one is a handful of area dates with a singer/songwriter from the chicago area who fronts a band with his wife that i’m a huge fan of…he’s just released a solo album and he’s preparing to tour behind it.
in other news, the studio is coming together nicely, and i should be rolling tape (disk? how do you “roll disk”?) for the poco album pretty soon.
i know what songs i definitely want to do for the record – but i only have a couple of things committed to tape as of yet…and some of it i like better than others…

(and yeah, i said ‘tape’ instead of ‘disk’…it just makes more sense from a recording perspective, i think. if you anal retentive types have a problem with that, then…well, too bad, i guess.)
anyway, i’ve had a goal (in the time since wendy moved out) of making the basement more of a comfortable, hang-out, chill kinda place…and i’ve taken exactly zero steps in that direction in the time since. but i really need to think in those terms before i start work on this record in earnest…especially if i’m going to be spending a lot of time down there. i have to get the partitions delivered for the drum baffles and set all that up, i have to move some of the stuff to the room at the front of the house that i’d planned on moving, i have to do a general organization of the whole area and put aside some of the stuff that i know i don’t use as much…it’s a lot of work that needs to be done…
…but i also see a three day weekend on the horizon….

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