tonight on 20/20

now playing: eastmountainsouth, “ghost”

tonight on 20/20, marc cohn will be on to talk about what happened to him in denver earlier this month.

marc’s guitarist shane fontayne was in the van with marc when it happened, and posted a detailed account of what happened that night….

“…We were three blocks from our hotel and the street we were on wound through a building. If any of you know Park Avenue in New York and how it winds through and around what used to be the Pan Am building at 42nd Street, that is what it was like, except that where we were was newer and quite brightly lit. On this trip we traveled, as usual, in a fifteen-passenger van. Tom is driving. Jay is next to him up front. Marc is on the bench seat behind Tom and Jay, and I am on the bench seat behind Marc.

As we emerged back onto the “normal” stretch of road, we saw a man running in the opposite direction and on the other side of the street, obviously running away from someone or something. His right hand was clutched to his side as though he were holding on tightly to something and running for all he was worth. We all thought, “Wow – I wonder what he’s running from?” Our attention was focused on him as he ran in one direction and we drove in the other.

Now when our attention came back to the street ahead, a man had stepped out in front of the van. My memory doesn’t recall if we stopped to avoid hitting him, but Tom says we kept moving. What I do recall is seeing him stand in front of us, pointing towards us. In what can only have been a couple of seconds, we realized that he was holding a gun and I clearly saw the look in his eyes of an intent that left no doubt in my mind. I knew for certain that he was going to shoot….”

you can read the entire account here, on shane’s website. shane is also among those interviewed for the 20/20 segment tonight.

wendy called me on my cell phone on the way to work the morning after it happened…she began reading the report off the computer screen and i was waiting for her to tell me that he was dead…i heard “shot in the head” and you just assume that “died” is gonna be one of the next few words you hear. then, if you don’t hear “died”, you start thinking about how much longer they have…until you hear “treated and released” – at which point you start thinking, “….WTF? is that a typo?”

obviously, God is a big marc cohn fan, too.

the first image that popped into my head was his son, max, who had been with him at newport that year. i have other pics that i’d taken that year, from the back of the stage, where the steps go up – if i’m not mistaken, it was just him and shane that year…i know it was just him and another guitar player, but i can’t remember if it was shane or not. i know it wasn’t long enough ago that it would’ve been jeff pevar – and i don’t know for certain if there had been anyone in between jeff and shane in marc’s band.

so between marc actually being able to walk away from this and news earlier this week of dan fogelberg’s prostate cancer recovery, it’s been a pretty good week for good news.

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