today’s slightly embarrasing moment is brought to you by…

now playing: keith urban, “the hard way”

keith urban, for making me cry in traffic.


You’ve got your own way of looking at it baby
I guess that proves that I got mine
Seems like our hearts are set on automatic
We say the first thing that comes to mind
It’s just who we are baby
we’ve come too far to start over now
I know what you’re thinkin’
I’m not always easy to be around

But I do love you
You keep me believin’ that you love me too
And I know it’s true
This love drives us crazy
but nobody’s walkin’ away
So, I guess we’ll to do it the hard way

If I had a genie in a bottle
Three wishes I could wish for us
I wish we’d live forever and get along together
Turn these tempers into trust…

right there, folks. today’s kick-ass lyric: turn these tempers into trust.

someone at work brought a pair of his discs over yesterday and asked me to make copies for them, so i comped myself a pair as well…i was listening to one of them in the car driving back to work this afternoon, and i can’t get this song out of my head.

so thanks, keith, you aussie prick.

(you know i’m only kiddin’, right, keith? keith?)

my brain is scrambled today…with work issues, with vivid memories of a dream i had last night that embodies loss like nothing i’ve experienced in my waking hours for quite some time, with a million other things…with ideas and thoughts about this project that i’ll be immersing myself in shortly, with the roles of those i want to involve in it and how they’ll take to it…

tomorrow, though, will offer some respite from what this week has thrown at me, and even though it’s not here yet, i’m already grateful for it.


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