happy 91st birthday, dad…

now playing: simon apple, “weight of the world”

last night, my son walks into the office where i’m sitting at my computer, working on a vocal-less mix of a christina aguilera song for my daughter to sing to at her talent show tomorrow…he’s carrying a bowl of ice cream with two candles in it, a number 1 and a number 9…they’re not lit, just stuck down into the ice cream.

he hands it to me at my desk and says “happy 91st birthday, dad.”

now, obviously, his math is a little convoluted…but the way i’ve felt thus far this week would make it an honest guess on the part of anyone with the capability to inhabit my body for an hour or so. coming to work and sitting in a darkened room all day doesn’t help…not even a little. i feel pretty much spent…combination of a lack of sleep and sitting in the conference room with the lights out.

but, as it stands, the dreaded day has come and gone now. i’ve officially crossed the threshold into the valley of the over the hill crowd.

this particular landmark will probably evolve in much the same manner as my mothers’ death…no real significant impact until after it’s had time to sink in and become a part of my daily reality. i don’t feel any older, and i haven’t really allowed myself to think about the fact that i’ve hit this particular milestone.

out of mind, out of sight, so to speak.

i have a project that i’m going to be diving into headfirst after this run of tommy is over, and once i’m fully into it and working on it regularly and feeling like it’s time to bring it out of the closet, i’ll discuss it (probably at length) here…for right now, a few friends know about it and that’s about it. i have the necessary approval to move forward with it, but i want to make sure that i have a home for it and that it has the necessary trappings of legitimacy before i start to shoot my mouth off here.

between that and the constant offers of membership in any number of bands (some of which i’ve entertained, some of which i’ve sidestepped before they got too terribly out of hand), i don’t think i’ll be hurting for projects once i complete this one.

jayda has her annual awards banquet for upward bound tomorrow afternoon – should be interesting to see how she makes out, since just a couple of weeks ago she came home with three student of the week awards…in chemistry, latin, and CompLit.

speaking of which…i forgot to turn in a PTO form for tomorrow. shit.

but then again, this is coming from the guy whose phone has been out since an electrical storm almost two weeks ago, and has yet to call the phone company to get it fixed.

which tells the astute reader that maybe i should be looking at what not to do after tommy is no more, as opposed to how much i can cram on my plate.

ok, that’s it. last night off this week. i’m done for now.


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