distance by omission

now playing: simon apple, “katherine”

so, tommy is officially underway…

i can’t see anything that’s going on down on stage level from where we are…as opposed to the normal setup, the band isn’t actually “in the pit”, for there is no pit…we’re playing in a loft that overlooks the stage from the back, but due to the various backdrops, etc., that are suspended behind the stage, we are invisible to the audience and the actors, and they are invisible to us. the only one of us with some degree of visibility is jeff, the keyboard player…which is a good thing, because he’s the one who cues our stops and starts more often than not.

the place was pretty full on friday night…and to my absolute shock, they managed to clean it up and make the place look almost presentable…all the carpet remnants, the drywall pieces, the crap that was strewn all over the place – all gone. i can’t imagine how much work that was, and i have no idea who did it.

the band played incredibly well, both nights…i had two small gaffes, probably not even noticed by anyone in the audience…and i only counted my own. i heard a thing or two here and there from the other guys, but nothing major. we had our best night on friday night – saturday night was (to use fred’s terminology) a little “juicy”. i don’t doubt that (from my perspective, anyway) that it had a little to do with my attitude.

after the show on friday night, i picked up a program and started reading through it, and found (to my initial dismay) that my name appeared nowhere in it. seriously, nowhere. now, the directors’ girlfriend is listed as a musician because she pretends to play trombone for a passage in a song, and the understudy bass player who is on call for two gigs is listed as a band member, but i’m nowhere to be found..in the program, on the official posters, nowhere.

fred is all over it…as are the guys from simon apple. but not a word about me.

i was pissed until i realized that if this thing flops, it’s probably best not to be too closely associated with it…and based on the number of people who showed up on saturday night, that’s a very distinct possibility. buzz, the drummer, looked out before we started, and said that the place might be half full…

i said, “well, yeah…all the parents came last night, man. they’re on their own now.”

so, as i said before the show started on saturday night…i’m pretty much over the slight in the program. i won’t lie and say it won’t figure extremely prominently in any decision i might make regarding future participation in one of these little events, but i’m past being pissed about it.

i’m not quite through being pissed about being chased out of the parking lot on saturday night, though…

some dude with a handful of programs comes up to me as i’m getting out of my car and asks if i’m there to see the show…i say, “well, i’m actually supposed to play for the show…”

he says, “well, we reserve these parking spaces for patrons…so if it wouldn’t be too much trouble…”

i said, “where were you last night?” he of course asks why i ask, and i said that i parked there last night without any complaint….he says that he surprised that fred didn’t tell us not to use the lot, and i countered with “i’m not, because i parked right next to him last night.”

that was really the end of the conversation…well, actually, he kept talking but i ignored him and got back into my car and drove back down tenth street. buzz pulled up as i was getting into my car and i said something to him along the lines of “hey, dude…you’re not supposed to park here…” he looked at me kinda funny, then looked at the douchebag with the programs standing next to me and he must’ve realized i was serious, because he got back into his car and pulled out right behind me.

so now, thankfully, i have other issues to pin my absolute refusal to do another theatre gig on that aren’t quite so egocentric.

did that little bit of icing on the cake affect my performance on saturday night?

maybe. i dunno.

but at any rate, after the last note was played on saturday night, i split and went to pick wendy up…we had a date to meet up with buzz and his girlfriend sue at their place – we went on a beer sojourn that afternoon to hold up our end of the bargain, and buzz made this fantastic chicken in a mushroom sauce, and i ate probably quite a bit more than i should have…some of the folks who were supposed to come as well didn’t make it, so there was plenty…we ate and talked and listened to music and such until around 3am…

and while there’s much i want to say about some of the things we talked about, i’m not sure just yet that i’m willing to delve into it.

i will say simply this…there’s something terribly, terribly wrong with a world in which a persons’ life can be irreversibly changed with no recourse available to him, simply based on the unfounded words of another human being…words later proven to be completely false.

i used to wonder how it was that domestic violence and sheer acts of hatred were so common between people who must have had some sort of emotional connection at one time or another….i was so much younger then. i’m older than that now.

having been through a divorce, and having been witness to some of the divisive tactics that people use to drive wedges between children and their parents (not my own experience, i should quickly point out), it’s a lot easier for me to understand now…why it is that people take the law into their own hands, how it’s possible for someone to become so angry that they’d do something so violent to another human being…

i don’t think i’m personally capable of it, but then again, i haven’t been through anything that compares with the story that i heard over the weekend.

not even close.

thankfully, i’m still a believer in karma…and i put a lot of stock into the knowledge that this is far from over.

i hope he does, too.


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