no reason to be over-optimistic…

now playing: jackson browne, “your bright baby blues”

well, this is it, folks.

tonight, it’s sink or swim for the tommy thing.

rehearsals this week have been nothing short of pandemonium…chaos has been the rule of the day.

the theatre, which was supposed to have just undergone a complete facelift, is a shambles…there are carpet remnants lying about, theatre seats lying in the middle of the floor in the balcony, drywall leaning up against the wall up there, and all manners of crap strewn around the place. i can’t imagine how they’re going to make this place look anything like a room that’s undergone all this work based on what i saw last night and during the course of rehearsals this week.

the cast seems very upbeat, in the face of some serious odds against them, but then a lot of them seem rather new to this whole process. there are some familiar faces among them from JCS, but there are a lot of high school age kids in this thing too…they have no idea what it means to be mic’ed up for a show like this (constant chatter from the cast coming through the monitors up in the loft where the band is, and that can only mean that it’s coming through the mains as well), and i’m assuming that they must have some pretty intense faith that this is all just gonna work itself out.

and maybe it will, in spite of the scatterbrained director…maybe they’ll make this work in spite of all the last minutes directives and changes to the blocking and crap like that.

and maybe the folks who come to see this will be willing to overlook the crap lying about in the theatre itself, and the mumbling coming from the sound system…

all i know is this…

when we first started this thing, fred said that he didn’t really care if the play sucked or not…but that the band would not suck.

let me tell ya, man…he was right. this is an amazing band. jeff, the keyboard player and buzz, the drummer, are both veterans of the JCS band and have been playing together for ages in a band called simon apple. they’re amazing. in addition to fred, we have a babyfaced bass player named gene orlando whos’ been doing a great job of picking this whole thing up. i sense that he’s still a little nervous about this at times, but he’s becoming a pro in the process. i told him the other night that when i was younger still than he is now, i was playing in bands with guys twice my age…and that he’s right where he needs to be right now.

so…if you’re in the reading area, and you want to hear a great band, and you’re up for a display of the human comedy that is flying by the seat of your pants, stop by and see us.

you might dig it…although it might not be entertaining in the way that they intended.


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