what we have in mind is breakfast in bed for a couple dozen…


now playing: charlie degenhart, “gone to grey”


so i took the day off on friday and drove to my friend jons’ in connecticut for a pure prairie league show, and ended up staying saturday as well…

i saw people i hadn’t seen in years, enjoyed some great food, good company, and awesome music…oh, and i played a few songs myself, even. it was a great gesture on jon and georgina’s part, and i appreciate it a lot. good friends are a real commodity.

i had to decline a gig for the day, and from what i’ve heard in the aftermath, it’s probably a good thing…

i talked to my buddy keith this morning on the phone, and it sounds as though it was an exercise in the application of murphys’ law – an all-day, torrential rainfall, coupled with a tractor trailer full of sound equipment stuck in the mud that required the assistance of a backhoe and a great deal of gravel to unstick, a clause in the contract that required that two separate sound systems be provided (apparently the promoter had to pay $6500 for the headliner to bring his sound, but it was specified that it would only be used by the headliner, so he had to provide a secondary system for the other two bands on the bill). then the headliner couldn’t be bothered to show up on time for soundcheck, then dawdled through the whole thing…and when the gates opened as scheduled and people started filing in for the show, he flipped out and demanded that the place be completely emptied until he was finished with his soundcheck. by the time he was done, there was barely time for the first band (my friends’ band) to soundcheck, and the other band didn’t soundcheck at all. then the two opening bands were only alloted 20 or so minutes a piece for their sets, because the headliner refused to go on later than scheduled.

so, really…the only thing that didn’t go wrong would be the absence of a lightning-related incident or some form of terrorist attack. i’ve heard some nightmare stories before, but – wow. just wow.

the one good thing that sprang from the whole thing is that they were invited back to the same venue to play a set on the bill with another national act in august, so at least the situation was recognized for what it was and they were offered some form of compensation for it.

if the gods choose to smile on us, i’ll be playing that show with them…if they want me to.

when i have more time, i’m going to have to put a permanent link on the journal to my yahoo calendar on here somewhere…certain people are already hip to it, but i need to make it a little more readily available to a larger number of people, i think. it makes scheduling things a lot easier when anyone who could potentially need your time can see what you have going on at a particular point. and there have been a couple of times of late when a certain amount of confusion and, dare i say, double booking, could have been avoided if i’d done so…and if i’d been more diligent about putting things on it at the point that i committed to doing them.

my life is one where chaos seems to be the rule of the day way more often than it should…and i’ve given a lot of lip service to trying to attack that issue and make it less so. time to put my money where my mouth is.


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