the pot calls the kettle black


did anyone catch any of the post “deep throat” news shows? i don’t watch nearly as much news now as i did before the election, because frankly, i’m too busy living in total denial. but i do still take in an occasional daily show – and i caught a rerun last night of the jon stewart deep throat segment, in which he rebroadcast excerpts from such moral and ethical giants as g. gordon liddy and bob novak espousing their views that deep throat was a criminal and a moral embarrasment to the country, so on and so forth…
it was a real what the fuck moment, for me. i mean, here you’ve got one of the fucking watergate burglars on national tv talking about how this deep throat character was an abomination? and then you’ve got bob novak, the man who leaked the identity of a CIA operative in his newspaper column, discussing what an embarrasment it is that this government official leaked information to the fucking press? gee, ‘scuse me, bob, but i don’t see you being quite so forthcoming in naming your sources within the government – if this is such an ethical lapse, wouldn’t you have maybe mentioned this by now?

i was literally speechless. i couldn’t believe what i was seeing.

the most telling part of the segment, though, was probably the crosstalk between stewart and stephen colbert, when jon asked, “do you think that something like watergate could happen now?”

“no,” colbert explained – “the credibility just isn’t there now, jon.”

“you mean the media doesn’t have the credibility now that they did?”

“no, jon…the truth doesn’t have the credibility it once did.”

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