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last night, within the first five minutes of walking into the gig, i had three people mention my journal to me…nothing specific, just “i read your journal all the time”-ish comments.

which, of course, made me feel like a bit of an ass where the content of the past few days is concerned.

after the show last night, i stood in the doorway of the bar and talked to charlie for a long (looooong) time – too long, probably, because i got about 3 1/2 hours’ sleep and i’ve been a complete wreck all day, due in no small part to being in a room with the lights off all damn day…

but we talked a bit about nashville, and the concept of my moving to nashville…i told him that i had gotten what i considered the official “ixnay” on a possibility for some fill-in gigs with a certain national act that i’ve been close to for a number of years, and how i was pretty certain that the only way i was ever going to make any actual progress past where i’ve managed to get to would be to make the move, pack my shit, and find my way south.

it got me to thinking about something that ed king wrote some time back that i remembered having read…so i went back through and found it…i might have even posted this here before, but i’m incapable of remembering at the moment.

and since it’s relevant, i’m going to take the liberty of putting it in here. let me know if i overstepped my bounds, ed.

Back in the 70s (and I’m sure this still exists today), I’d come across musicians in many small towns that were just incredible…I mean jaw-droppingly great. Never heard of any of ’em since. Some I’ve kept track of, some I haven’t. Some have died young.

Some people just don’t want to leave their surroundings and get out into the open world. Several GREAT players come to mind right now who never left ‘home’. THAT IS THE ONLY REASON why I had ANY success at all. You’ve got to GO to where the music is. Even if you live in L.A….doesn’t necessarily mean that’s where it is.

I’ve been asked many times “What advice would you give to aspiring musician?” If you have ‘style’ and you know it, you’ve GOT TO MOVE. Oh yeah…and LOTS AND LOTS of practice.

thanks, ed. i’m still thinkin’.

short, i know….but i’m approaching “clinically dead” status at this point.

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