moments drawing nearer

now playing: jimmie spheeris, “somewhere there’s a river”

there’s something comforting about knowing that i can count on my kids to keep my mind off other things that might be going wrong in my life…

i just wish their methods were a little different.

dylan is working the usual cocktail of apathy and laziness – coated with a nice thick layer of deception. he came home with a report card that belied any pretense that he’d been making an effort to improve his grades, and then proceeded to pitch that it wasn’t his fault. (i know what you’re doing right now…you’re shaking your head, asking yourself whose fault was it, then? i know this, ‘cuz that’s what i did.)

jayda’s situation is a little different, although she’s apparently learned a thing or two about creative omissions and the like as well. she has a boyfriend whos’ make more of an impact on her believability and trustworthiness than i’m personally ok with – sneaking over to his house, setting up meetings without telling anyone, things like that – and she’s not doing herself any favors by doing this sort of thing.

i never thought i’d have to worry about her doing things like that…even when she was small, she seemed so level-headed. i’m not sure what her motivations are, other than the obvious ones.

there’s a family meeting tonight, though – during which all this shall be discussed.

i’d like to have a few words with the asshole who said, “may you live in interesting times…”

by this time tomorrow, wendys’ parents will have left florida on their way here to move their daughter out of my house.

based on the lengths that we’ve gone to, in terms of trying to patch up our relationship, i’m feeling motivated to try to do the same with my relationship with them…but i’m not at all certain that i want to be there on saturday when they arrive.

i’ll be around during the course of the week at various points to help out, but i think there are going to be some raw nerve endings initially, and i’d just be more comfortable elsewhere while all that is worked out. thankfully, my guitar tech has created a diversion for me – he asked me to come to a show in pottsville with him, so that should just about do the trick. i’m also planning a trip to philadelphia with jayda to go to ikea, and then it looks like there’ll be a saturday morning meeting of Case Sniffers Anonymous over at amos guitars, too…so it has the potential to be a pretty full weekend.

‘course, i know myself pretty well…and i know how i feel right now…and i get the feeling that by saturday morning, i’m going to be ready to sleep in…indefinitely. we’ll see, though. i know that by saturday morning, there’ll be enough activity noise goin’ on in my house that there won’t be any sleeping late. so i may end up at keiths’ in my pajamas.

tonight, though, is the inevitable family meeting…which i should start preparing for now.


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