but then there are the days…


now playing: poco, “one horse blue”

i know, i know…i couldn’t have possibly been sick all this time.

and the thing is, i can do this while i’m sick…no excuse.

and, like anything else, the longer you wait, the more stuff piles up, and the more daunting this particular task becomes.

but i’ll do my best.

i came in to work this morning and found angela crying in her office – she’s known for some time that they’d found a small cancerous growth on her husband kevin’s face, but there hadn’t been a real sense of urgency – they didn’t think it was terribly serious. yesterday, he had the surgery to remove it – and it was apparently deeper than they originally thought.

angela and kevin are good friends – i had just been at their house this past weekend to work on their computer, and every time i go, their daughter alicia just breaks my heart…she has these beautiful, sea-blue eyes that just melt me, and she crawls up in my lap and lets me read books to her – i even have a picture of her on my desk that angela gave me. alicia lets me relive my infancy as a parent…holding her takes me back to when jayda was her age, and one of these days, she’s gonna make me cry – now that she knows me, she’s affectionate…and that just kills me.

i told angela earlier this week that being around her and kevin renewed my faith in the institution of marriage – that they were one of the only couples i knew that i i felt had the right idea about this whole partnership thing. they really are partners in the true spirit of the word…and when i’m around them, there’s a palpable sense of that.

so, anyway – kevin goes back in on tuesday to have the rest of this thing removed. i’m pretty confident that it’s just a matter of it having been a little larger than they’d originally thought, and that it’s a temporary setback…but i worry for my friends, because i know that they’re a little freaked out by all this.

i’ve been talking with fred bernardo about playing guitar in the pit for a local theatre production of tommy, and he’s trying to solidify the band lineup around the two of us…he wants to use the same drummer and keyboardist from the jesus christ superstar lineup from a couple of years ago, but he needs a bass player to finalize the band. there are sixteen dates during the month of july – it’s gonna be pretty intense. it’ll be a great “chops” gig, as fred calls it – and if he gets everyone he’s going after, it’ll be a great band, too.

every now and then, if you’re lucky, you’ll get the gift of a great day when everything seems right with the world, and you find yourself feeling a general sense of peace and contentment at the end of the day.

wendy and i had one of those last sunday.

we decided, on saturday night after we got home from dinner at cracker barrell, that we were going to the ocean on sunday. we didn’t really know where specifically, but we were going, weather be damned…the weather reports had threatened rain for sunday for several days prior, but we weren’t about to let that stop us. we weren’t going to the beach on easter sunday for a tan, anyway.

we decided on cape may – we were originally thinking about delaware, but it looked like a long drive on the map, so we picked cape may because we knew it wouldn’t be as campy as ocean city or wildwood or atlantic city. we printed a map from the internet, hit the drive-thru at wendy’s, and off we went.

it was generally cloudy all day – not of the “threatening rain” variety, but of the “another grey morning” variety…just a general overcast “devoid of sunlight” grey. it was a perfect day for driving, listening to music, talking, taking in the landscape…it was supposed to rain, but oddly enough it didn’t start until well after we were on our way back home.

we got to cape may at about 2:30 or so in the afternoon – if you haven’t been, it’s a neat little seaside town with tons of victorian architecture…and on easter sunday, it was very nearly deserted. the beach was empty, save for the occasional dog-walker, and the sidewalks were bare as well. we practically had the whole town to ourselves. there were a handful of people in the arcade up the street – we went inside for a bit, since it was god’s day and god (as those of us who’ve seen dogma can attest) is a skeeball fanatic. wendy played pinball while i played galaga for a bit before wendy went over and won almost 60 tokens with a single pull of the arm on a slot machine. she redeemed her loot for a powerpuffgirls pen and we went back outside for a bit before leaving for home.

save for a brief moment in the car when i scratched the scab off an emotional wound that i didn’t know existed by making an unfortunate, otherwise completely innocuous comment about a song, it was a perfect day – we stopped at dunkin’ donuts and got hot chocolate before leaving town and listened to music mingling with the beating of the windshield wipers all the way home.

it was the kind of day that leaves you feeling hopeful about the future…no matter what it might hold.


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