spent the last night, rocky mountain way…

now playing: ambrosia, “how much i feel”

well, the weekend is over – but the kind of day its’ been hasn’t provided much space for relief from the stresses of the last week. email is limping, and we’re contemplating where to move user archives and the like, and the tape drive that we use for our backups is broken. big time. with a tape stuck in it.

it’s monday.

anyway, i bolted out of work on friday to sprint downtown for the eagles show, and got there just in time to be escorted in with the folks who were there for the joe walsh meet and greet – i had cooked up a scheme to get out of having to go to the show afterward, but it backfired on me…i was going to sell the ticket i bought for the show after the meet and greet was finished, but the person that was supposed to buy it either didn’t show up or was swallowed up in the throngs of people – i don’t know which. but one of the people that i met at the meet and greet was michael anthony smith of the river, whom i didn’t know to be who he was until after we’d talked about guitars for some time…but they talked me into staying for the show once it became apparent that i wasn’t going to be able to get out of it, and in retrospect, i’m kinda glad i did. it was a long show…started at eight, and clocked in at over three hours with an intermission…and i was sitting about thirty feet from the side of the stage that joe and steuart smith were sharing. in that respect, it was more like a guitar clinic than a concert – i could see everything that was going on pretty clearly from where i sat, and the sound was pretty amazing. their vocals are still pretty unreal.

they played a lot of older songs, including one of these nights, which surprised me – and they did a pretty fiery version of don henley‘s dirty laundry that included a joe walsh guitar solo that just took my head off. he was really fired up.

during the time backstage, joe made a point of introducing himself to everyone there, and signed autographs and posed for pictures, even though it had been stated unequivocally that there would be no such shenanigans during the time he had to spend with us. after he’d gotten a chance to meet everyone, he talked about upcoming eagles shows and said that once the eagles tour is over, there were plans for a james gang reunion and tour, most likely to include some USO shows for the troops. he seemed like he could possibly be the most unaffected of the lot, although i have nothing upon which to base that comparison…but he was genuinely nice to everyone who came back to see him, and he apologized for not being more involved with discussions on his website – and then he went out and played with the band for three hours.

in the time since the concert, i’ve had four or five people tell me that they saw me on the projection screen on joes’ “helmet cam” – which cracks me up. i didn’t think there was anything so distinctive about my mug that would allow someone to pick it out of a throng of people on a jumbotron at a concert – unless it was just sheer size that made it stand out.

all in all, it was a great night – until i tried to strike up a conversation with joe’s guitar tech.

when i saw him from my seat, he looked an awful lot like mike detemple, and i asked him if that’s who he was…and he proceeded to tell me a few choice reasons why i had no reason to think that he was who i thought he was. i told him then that i’d only ever seen pictures of him – he runs ads in vintage guitar every month, and that’s the only reason i thought –

– but he cut me off right there…and said, in his thick british accent, “i know who ‘e fuckin’ is, man!”

and before he finished, i just turned around and walked away…since i think that’s what he was going for in the first place.


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