shaken, not stirred


now playing: mae moore, “bohemia”


settling in for a long night at work – my nerve endings have been much closer to my skin than usual today, and at this point, i’m exhausted and lonely and sad…and while i can normally think of plenty of places i’d usually rather be, tonight i seem to be most suited for my own company.

i could probably sum up my state of mind as an emotional cocktail with equal parts of hurt, angry, and stupid…with varying degrees of prominence for each…


he’s a quiet man…that’s all she said
he’s a thoughtful man…it’s just he likes to keep his thoughts up in his head
and we finally meet – and she tries to draw him out a bit
she says, “he’s writing something…hey, now – why don’t you talk about it?”

and he doesn’t make a sound
he’s just staring at his coffee
and i know there’s all this beauty and this greatness she’ll defend

but i think it’s all my friend


sometimes i see myself fine
sometimes i need a witness
and i like the whole truth but –
there are nights i only need forgiveness
sometimes they say, “i don’t know who you are…but let me walk with you some..”
and i say, i am alone, that’s all…
you can’t save me from all the wrong i’ve done

but they’re waiting just the same
with their flashlights and their semaphores
and i act like i have faith and like that faith never ends

but i really just have friends…


dar williams, “my friends”

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