just like brian wilson did…


now playing: shane nicholson, “nice to be here”

wendy hasn’t left the bedroom all weekend.

yesterday, i saw her once when she crossed paths with me on the way to the bathroom, and once when she came downstairs to find something to eat. it’s now three in the afternoon, and she’s on a par to repeat yesterday (one trip to the bathroom). she made mention of not feeling well, but i would think that would involve more than one trip to the bathroom a day.

lights off, tv on, catatonic on the bed.

i’m not sure if this has anything to do with my decision a few days ago to move out of the bedroom or if it’s because the kids are here, or what it is…but at this point, it’s looking like it sure is gonna be a long month.

all the boxes i’ve brought home from work for her remain stacked, unfilled, on the back porch.

i’ve moved wendy three times – from maine to here, then from my old apartment on oley street to west reading, and then from west reading to this house. each time, themodus operandi has been the same – put off packing until the last minute and then scramble like a madman half an hour before the truck shows up in front of your steps to take you away. the two moves we’ve actually done together have both had the benefit of having an extra months’ rent paid on the vacated property, and we’ve done lots of short runs to bring over the remnants from moving day. and i’m getting the sense that things won’t be any different this time, either – moving day will come, people will show up to take the major stuff, and there’ll be a long parade of rob and laura-esque visits to pick up the stuff she didn’t take on moving day for who-knows-how-long-after-that.

because from where we now stand, it’s been roughly three weeks since her parents came and went, since the new house has been picked out and secured…and there isn’t a single tangible piece of evidence anywhere in the house that she’s packed anything.

for all the lip service that she gives to feeling better, being more clear about her goals, blah blah blah…all i’m seeing is the same old wendy.

went to breakfast yesterday with the kids and their mom – jadya had an appointment for a consultation with the oral surgeons who will be removing her wisdom teeth (oh, and i got to see the xray, too…let’s just say this is happening right on time) – so i got up, got showered and dressed, and then got her up to get ready…dylan was in the basement playstationing, so when her mom came to pick her up, i herded dylan into the shower and we all met for breakfast afterwards.

while we were sitting at the table, jayda dropped the bomb on her mother that she thinks that she wants to move in with me for a while, because she needs a break from the chaos that seems to be the rule of the day at her house. now, i’m not sure why she chose that particular moment to let that fly – maybe it was because we were all being civil and friendly and it felt like a comfortable time for her to bring it up – but she wasn’t met with a great deal of opposition. in fact, jill seemed downright receptive to the idea. of course, we’ve discussed this more times than i could count, and it’s never actually materialized a plan…so we’ll see what ultimately happens. i was amazed at her little display of bravery, though.

my short-lived stint as a country guitar player is over as of today – i just finished two nights of work with my friend keiths’ band – i told him last night that when i agreed to do this, it felt more like a favor, like something i was doing more out of loyalty to our friendship than because it was something i thought i’d enjoy…but it was actually fun. i still don’t think i could do it on anything above a sporadic basis, but it was a nice change of pace…both from what i normally do, and from what i haven’t been doing for a few months.

i might have to rethink any future offers to join country bands, though, depending on the material – and how often they play. while i felt ok playing with my friends this weekend, i’d have to weigh how much enthusiasm i’d be able to muster where playing this stuff more often would be concerned.

another life lesson in never say never, i guess.


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