bottom of the third


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so yesterday was wendys’ birthday…i bought her roses, made dinner reservations and dropped the roses off at the restaurant, the whole nine yards. i raced home and took a shower and changed clothes..then i picked her up and took her to dinner, where the lions’ share of the few tidbits of conversation that interrupted the silence at the table seemed to involve the extent to which i “took advantage of her”, in terms of using her car during times when my van has been in the shop. rather ironic coming from someone whos’ insisted on being reimbursed for every cent she’s spent on just about every major domestic expense she’s had to step up and deal with for the length of our marriage.

for the price of the flowers and the meal, i could’ve probably gotten her what i figure she really wanted – a couple seasons’ worth of gilmore girls on DVD – and in retrospect, i kinda wish i had. woulda been easier than all the effort i put into this particular outing…and certainly a lot less depressing.

there were three netflix envelopes waiting for her when we got home…i think that netflix should personalize their envelopes, depending on where they’re going. a netflix packet in our mail should have the words abandon all hope, all ye who enter here on the front of it. that’d pretty much sum it up at my house.

anyway, i didn’t feel like being an accessory to another sex in the city marathon, so i went straight to bed. i could have probably spent some energy on laundry, but i had none. i just wanted to sleep.

at exactly 2:51 am, i was awakened by this sound coming from downstairs – the word ‘caterwaul’ comes immediately to mind, but that word has connotations of either pain or despair. it didn’t sound as though it came directly from either of those sources, but it certainly had its sonic roots somewhere in the neighborhood of ‘caterwaul’. it was piercingly loud, and it lasted about six seconds. it wasn’t a scream, but it had the volume of one. it wasn’t musical, but it had a cascading sort of cadence to it…kinda like what you might expect to hear if humans made the same noises that cats do when they’re feeling amorous. i really don’t know what kind of a place it came from. i knewwho it came from, though…there were only the two of us in the house, and i had been sleeping.

i got up and went halfway down the stairs and said, “are you alright?” she was still sitting on the sofa, watching TV.

3 in the morning.

she said, “you had to be there.”

i thought momentarily about making a crack about how her new neighbors would potentially warm up to hearing shit like that at three in the morning, since her new house is directly connected to her neighbors on either side…but it was, after all, three in the morning. and i didn’t feel like starting any shit, since i had hopes of trying to get back to sleep.

3 in the morning.

those of you who know me well know how heavily i sleep. i’m not awakened easily. i went back to bed shaking my head in a quizzical, what the fuck sorta way…it took me a long time to get back to sleep, but i did.

i was dreaming about going to bed at my grandfathers’ house…it was a saturday night and all the cousins were over, and i was just turning in and the lights had just gone off when my alarm clock went off this morning.

and even though i feel like i got plenty of sleep, that’s still kinda managed to fuck up my equilibrium this morning.

add to all this the fact that my right wrist is in an ace bandage due to a neat little spill i took while de-icing the car…diagnosis is a light sprain, and it’s not terribly painful, but a little stiff nonetheless. yesterday and today it seems as though my back hurts more than my wrist, but i did happen to land on my wrist and not my back, so the swelling was considerably more conspicuous there.

just in time for the two gigs i agreed to do this weekend for keiths’ band as a sub.

i also found out yesterday that my daughter, miss jayda potato, will have to have surgery very soon to remove all four of her wisdom teeth, which are impacted and causing her no small amount of discomfort. she’ll find out tomorrow when this is supposed to occur.

in a lot of ways, my life right now feels like a baseball game that’s reached the third inning with a score of 19-2. everyone knows what the outcome is going to be, there’s no mystery regarding the games’ conclusion, but the six innings that remain have to be played out nonetheless…everything you could potentially do between now and the final out is essentially a waste of time spent going through the motions, but the game is nine innings, so you play nine innings – regardless of how hopeless the act of actually playing might be.

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